Has Jeb Given Up?

Jeb Bush on Thursday said “taking out Saddam Hussein turned out to be a pretty good deal”.

His numbers have been in the toilet but this is too defeatist even for him.

What I find surprising is that, out all of the bad legacy his brother left, Jeb only gets prodded on the Iraq war. Nobody is bringing up the recession that George W dragged us into. That’s an enormous mistake the message “Republicans don’t get the economy” should be the central message of this election.


Universities have their funding cut, are forced to fire personnel, and now professors have to waste our valuable time on doing the editing of our articles ourselves. This is as productive as hammering nails with a laptop.

I hate this kind of inefficient, pathetic penny – pinching that wastes a lot more than it saves.

Cuban Dissidents

Of course, the people who are really screwed by the rapprochement between Cuba and the US are the dissidents in Cuba.

Their only hope was that they had support from overseas in their fight for human rights. And now they have become an embarrassment to the US, and Kerry is studiously avoiding them on his visit to Havana. These dissidents are now completely alone in their resistance to the horrible Castro regime.

Everything comes at a price, folks. The easy decisions of the “let everything be good and nothing be bad” variety are a smokescreen.

Linguistic Sloppiness

I hate verbal sloppiness. My hair stands on end when I read things like, “She was undergoing intensive psychoanalysis with a psychiatrist who prescribed her Thorazine and Paxil.”

Psychoanalysts don’t prescribe. They are not MDs and don’t have scrip pads. And psychiatrists don’t psychoanalyze because psychoanalysis is based on the rejection of psychiatry. The statement makes as much sense as saying that a homeopath performed brain surgery after administering teeth cleaning.

One can either figure all this out – because it’s not that hard – or, alternatively, avoid writing a 350-page book on the subject of mental health treatments.