It’s like all of these Bush boys have a congenital brain defect:

I’m going to focus on my candidacy and my experience and my views and let others – I hope that Secretary Trump takes advantage of APPS to have a sit-down conversation and have a detailed conversation about things of substance,” he said. “That’s what Americans want in the end, that’s what I’m going to focus on. I’ll let others judge people’s qualifications.” It was not immediately clear why Bush referred to the real estate mogul as “Secretary Trump.”

What, it’s that hard to keep track of which of the opponents is referred to as “Secretary”?

There’s more Bushie idiocy at the link.

The Rise of the Idiot Politics

One of the leaders of Spain ‘ s new political party Podemos was asked about the future of Catalonia.

“The people of Catalonia should be able to decide whether they want independence on their own,” the fellow announced brightly. And it’s such an accessible, easy concept that everybody gets warm and fuzzy feelings upon hearing it. To hell with what the constitution says, to hell with complexities and ramifications. People should decide, how can this possibly be wrong?

The same kind of crap goes across the ocean. Just cancel birthright citizenship, what can be easier than that? And to hell with the constitution because it isn’t like anybody has got the time to read that ancient thing.

Voters are desperate for somebody who will stop reminding them of the world’s inevitable complexity and will, instead, offer a simple fairy tale where everything is always good and nothing is ever bad.

Tax the evil banksters and give everybody a lot of free money! Build a big wall and make Mexicans pay for it! Whoever said that politics was hard? Just go by whatever feels right and try not to overthink it.

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A Republican has the perfect explanation of Trump’s appeal: “Trumpism offers a simple explanation for why things are the way they are, and offers a simple solution.” Whenever you feel even remotely drawn to what Trump is saying, remember: it’s a gross simplification.

[Spanish] A Jewish singer is harassed in Spain.

Religious fanatics are on the offensive in Tallahassee.

Windows 10 has the right to install whatever it wants on your system without notice and to read and disclose all your personal information and files when it sees fit – even with files you place in private folders.”

These days, doing any kind of work registers as “heroic” in the minds of many.