Let’s Not Mess It Up

The poll finds Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton ahead of Trump by just 6 points, a dramatic tightening since July.

We are practically being handed this election, people. Now is the time to end all silliness, rally around Hillary, and win the election. It’s a really great moment.

Book Notes: New Old World by Pallavi Aiyar

My plan to read in English for fun while on vacation is failing most abjectly. The book titled New Old World by the Indian journalist Pallavi Aiyar has proven to be excruciatingly stupid. The author begins by referring to herself without a shade of irony as “an Oxford-educated sophisticate” and makes sure that the readers are aware of how superior she feels to those Indians who did not go to Oxford.

Aiyar lived in Europe for several years and decided to write a book about the economic crisis. In her opinion, the reason for the crisis is that there isn’t enough capitalism in Europe. The spoiled, lazy, degenerate Europeans dare to expect holidays, weekends and pensions which signals the utter degeneration of the European civilization. According to Aiyar, the future belongs to the Indians and the Chinese who are prepared to work 24/7 365 days per year. Any attempt by any workers to gain any rights whatsoever provokes a paroxysm of rage in Aiyar.

Her greatest hatred is directed at Jews who, in Aiyar’s opinion, are extraordinarily lazy, even by European standards. Jews seethe with rage against Indians because they envy how hard-working Indians are. For Aiyar, anybody who says that there are more things to life than making money is a reprobate of the worst order. When a Jew she meets tells her that he values spending time with his family more than making money, she almost has a fainting fit. The only people more despicable than these lazy Jews are workers who strike. They are responsible for turning Europe socialist and causing its total degeneration.

All of this sounds like the ramblings of a diseased mind. Aiyar insists that she’s a super famous journalist in India but I have no idea how much she can be trusted. This is a very, very stupid person with narcissistic tendencies.

Update on Ukraine

Things are getting worse in Ukraine. The Russians have intensified fire and bombings. There are various places on the front lines where they are trying to go on the offensive. Every day, peaceful citizens and Ukrainian soldiers are killed in the war zone.

As Ukraine’s Independence Day approaches, the Russians become more aggressive. The state of the economy in Russia is getting quite bad, so Putin needs a resounding success in the war on Ukraine to distract his people from the plummeting rouble and the incinerated food.

In the meanwhile, EU bureaucrats are actively helping Putin. They are trying to force the Ukrainian army to abstain from returning fire (which will effectively turn the soldiers into sitting ducks for Russians to slaughter).

It’s become clear a long time ago that the US and the EU will do nothing to honor the Budapest agreements and help Ukraine. Ukrainians have figured out a way to fight without them. The problem, however, is that both the US and the EU are actively sabotaging Ukraine and helping Putin.

Sorry, no good news today.