Are Cheaters Pathetic?

People are asking if I consider those who cheat on their spouses to be pathetic.

Of course, I do. They are immature loser wimps,  and I find immaturity to be intolerably boring. I would never want to spend any time around a person who plays the game of “you be my Daddy / Mommy and I’ll be your 14-year-old kid” with their spouse. I don’t dispute anybody’s right to infantilize themselves in this manner but I prefer not to have to witness this spectacle.

I can’t imagine ever debasing myself to the point of accepting that anybody other than me has the right to decide what I should do with my body. I live my sexuality openly and freely and I’ll be damned if I ever betray it in a way that requires sneaking around and concealing it.

Advice for Tenure-trackers

I did the exact opposite of every piece of advice on this deranged list of suggestions for first-year tenure-trackers.

As a result, not only do I have tenure, but I also had a fantastic time in these past six years, always saying and doing exactly what I wanted, not scheming, not manipulating, just being who I am (including not selfish, not cutting corners in teaching, and very loud all of the time).

So I have some advice of my own for people on tenure-track or any other career path: forget these stupid scripts, be passionate, be honest, enjoy yourself, and you’ll get everywhere you want to get without turning yourself into a mental invalid in the process.