An aborted blastocyst is “a murdered baby.” But a real, living child is “an anchor baby” who needs to be thrown away.

These stupid, stupid, hateful fuckers.

Saturday Link Encyclopedia

One more reason to detest LA: upscale Goodwill boutiques.

[Polish] There is still a lot we don’t know about the Chechen terrorists who bombed Boston in 2013.

It boggles the mind that a shockingly brilliant journalist like Ta-Nehisi Coates could have written such a preachy, saccharine and weak book. I guess it goes to show that everybody should stay within their own genre.

An ultra – conservative hag of a journalist who normally can’t shut up about how immoral everybody is all of a sudden produces a rant in defense of Ashley Madison. Might she be the female version of Josh Duggar?

In case you need more proof that Hamas is nuts, follow the link.

Australians, as usual, show that their sense of humor is as out there as their continent: “From Australia, we watch Israel at a great distance, safe in the knowledge that the regular and horrific levels of violence in the region are far from our shores.”

In the meanwhile, in the otherwise peaceful region the feisty Australians care about so much, “ISIS beheaded 82-year-old Khaled Al-Asaad on August 18, 2015, in the 2,000-year-old city he spent his life restoring. Syria’s most prominent antiquities scholar is the latest victim of the Islamic State group’s war on history.”

If you are not American, you will be floored when you read this article and discover that there is a whole tradition of serving “salads” in mounds of Jello in this country. Be careful, though, the images might make you barf. (Hat tip to Epicene Cyborg).

There are scholars and then there are scholars who study David Bowie, aka total weirdos.

The tragedy of a teenager who confuses the suffering produced by domestic abuse with politics. This kid still has tons of time to grow up but how many adults refuse to notice that their pseudo – political hustle and bustle only serves to drown out their inner demons.

The only way to interest people in Virginia Woolf these days is to write about her sex life, it seems.


I find it very bizarre that the 90-year-old Carter would want to undergo radiation for his brain cancer. What can be the upside here? Dragging it out for 6 or 7 painful months longer? I’d think the more logical thing would be to concentrate on preparing for death. Especially since he seems to have claimed to be a religious person.

I obviously wasn’t around when he was president but I watched a documentary about him, and it was obvious from the footage that he was a mighty strange fellow. And apparently that hasn’t changed.

The World Without Humans

What would the world without humans look like? Researchers have come up with an answer and even a map:

Now researchers have suggested the rest of the world may have enjoyed the same level of biodiversity if it weren’t for us greedy humans. A world without people could have seen elephants and rhinos wandering across northern Europe and even Britain


Of course, the value of such a planet would be nil.