While we are entertaining ourselves with Trump’s crazy antics, China’s manufacturing rates are dropping off a cliff. In response, stock markets in the US plummeted to the levels lower than those of the 2008 crisis and stock markets around the world are doing even worse.

On the positive side, this has got to be painful to Russia. On the negative side, the pain will be felt everywhere.

What Hillary Needs to Do to Win

Mainstream media loves Trump and doesn’t like Hillary. The reason is not that these journalists find themselves ideologically closer to The Donald than to Clinton. Obviously, they don’t. But as journalists, they love gimmicky campaigns that allow them to publish long, easy, chatty pieces.

Hillary’s campaign is not gimmicky while Donald ‘ s is. She needs to start doing some clownish stuff. Tongue-kiss Bill in public, for instance. Yes, I know, gross, but the presidency of the US is at stake. Or she could cry. People seem to love her when she cries. She could do some “typically womanly” thing like humor the BLM and talk about hearts, ribbons and cookie recipes with them. Or she could say shit like “Being a wife and a mother is the hardest job in the world.” Yes, again, vomit, vomit, vomit, but the presidency is at stake.

When she starts making an ass out of herself in these ways, the press will love her and she’ll get tons of good coverage.

Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Europe is facing a choice right now: drop the concept of a refugee or drop the concept of a state welfare system. Preserving both is an impossibility.

If it were up to me, I’d drop the concept of a refugee. It’s a remnant of the post-WWII guilt, and time has come to get over it. The victims of the Holocaust are not benefiting from the destruction of the most advanced social safety net on Earth. Europeans will do them no favors if they dismantle their welfare states.

Europe is rapidly aging and is in desperate need of immigrants. To meet this need I’d lose the suffering – based immigration in favor of merit-based immigration. Canada, by the way, has a very sophisticated system of merit-based immigration, and Canada dealt with the most recent global economic crisis better than anybody else on the planet. If you are still unconvinced, Canada’s merit-based immigration brought me to this continent, and I’m not exceptional in any way. Need I say more?

The defenders of suffering – based immigration refuse to take into account one simple fact: people who failed to be successful in their own country (where they know the language, the culture, the structure of the society and have networks of support) will obviously find it even harder to get by in a place where they know nothing and nobody. This means they will require a lot of assistance. That will overburden the welfare system. Hence – go back to the beginning of the post to see the only existing set of possibilities.

Immigration is a very psychologically draining enterprise. Immigrants who come without a store of psychological resilience either drain their own emotional resources very fast or, what’s even worse, drain their children’s. And people who were beaten down by life back home will only have shreds of mental resources to bring with them to a new country. Even for somebody who was doing very well in their own country, immigration is traumatic. And for those who were barely managing to survive, it will be shattering.

Human beings are not chess pieces that can be moved around effortlessly. Everybody carries a history, and that history is the best predictor of whether one is prepared to take on the harsh burden of being an immigrant.

No Forgiveness for Michael’s Killer

On the one-year anniversary of the death of a 18-year-old black teenager named Michael Brown by a (now confessed racist) white police officer named Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, was asked if she forgave Darren Wilson for his cruel and wanton act of legal murder. She told Al Jazeera that she will “never forgive” Darren Wilson and that “he’s evil, his acts were devilish.”

Good for her! And anybody who would have preferred to hear that yes, she forgives is an idiot.

Even at the Oxford conference people almost drove me to a fit of rage with their suggestions that forgiving Wilson is some sort of a heroic and superior act.

When Will Our Foreign Policy Get Smarter?

Now we have clear cut proof that Obama personally forced Ukraine to cede the Crimea to Putin:

As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces took over Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula in early 2014, the interim Ukrainian government was debating whether or not to fight back against the “little green men” Russia had deployed. But the message from the Barack Obama administration was clear: avoid military confrontation with Moscow.

The reason why this dumbass order was given is that Obama adamantly refuses to learn anything about other countries. It’s as if the very existence of other countries were an affront yo his sensibilities.

As U.S. officials told us recently, the White House feared that if the Ukrainian military fought in Crimea, it would give Putin justification to launch greater military intervention in Ukraine.

Of course, the exact opposite was true. Putin became emboldened by the easy annexation of the Crimea and immediately launched the very “greater military intervention in Ukraine” that Obama was trying to avoid.

And please don’t tell me Ukraine could have avoided following Obama’s order. When you are being invaded by the world’s second greatest nuclear power, you have to be suicidal to start antagonizing the world’s greatest nuclear power.

People, we’ve got to wake up and start electing politicians who are at least vaguely aware of the existence of countries other than the US. The American foreign policy has been bizarrely idiotic for. . . ok, I tried to think about it but nothing but “forever” comes to mind.

The world is changing, though. There won’t be any chance of sitting out any more global conflicts. We need to start doing something to prevent them from happening. Or we’ll be very fucked.