Darren Goforth

Did you hear about Darren Goforth’s murder? A horrible tragedy, a disaster for his family. Yet crowds of people are already eager to use the murder to make some idiotic point about Black Lives Matter.

Once again, the need to massage reality into a familiar narrative rules the day.

Who Destroyed Print Media?

This blogger keeps making important points about the destruction of print journalism. We have all accepted the idea that the Internet is to blame for newspaper closures, but in reality, the collapse of print media is a result of egregious and stupid mismanagement. And the irresponsible, lazy-ass, ignorant journalists did all they could to hasten the demise of their own print media. 

Read at the link about the senseless destruction of New Orleans Times-Picayune.


What kind of a fucking piece of degenerate garbage does one have to be to declare war on Little Free Libraries? Seriously, though, do these people come home and tell their families, “Hey, I brought down two more Little Free Libraries today. Let’s celebrate! I got those fuckers right where it hurts”?

Sick fucks.

A Clear and Present Danger

If Trump keeps on this path of taxing the rich and defending social security, what are the chances that some white Democrats who are deeply distrustful of a woman in leadership and don’t care much for immigrants themselves start to look at Trump and think he’s talking some truths for them too.

Oh yes. It’s already happening. Anti-immigrant feelings know no party affiliation, and I’m already seeing a timid “But some of the things Trump is saying do make sense” on the blogs of some male Democrats.