The Easy Way to Prevent Social Change

The best way to defeat any possibility of social change is to pit different groups of population against each other. Working class whites in America were sold the idea that their impoverishment is caused by the “lazy” blacks or “job-stealing” Mexicans. As a result, they joyfully forgot about any questions they might have had for those better off than they are and ganged up against those who are as deprived and oppressed.

The same sad evolution has occurred with the Black Lives Matter movement. What started as a crucially important conversation about racism, devolved into a meaningless and hopeless “police officers are evil” narrative. The message of “Darren Wilson is a racist murderer” was swapped for “Darren Wilson is a policeman”, which is the most self-defeating narrative any movement can come up with.

And we are also seeing this logic eagerly adopted by professional middle classes. The erosion of the middle class is blamed on educated immigrants, and this destroys any possibility of solidarity and does nothing but distract everybody from doing anything but hating, blaming, and fantasizing about deportations.

Losing Faith in Humanity

Back in 2012, the long-beleaguered Chester Upland School District in Pennsylvania ran out of money — literally — and the unionized teachers and staff agreed to work without pay. Well, it’s happened again — at least the part about the district being out of cash and all of the teachers, support staff, bus drivers and other adults in the system agreeing to work for free.

No, no, Americans, not you, too. Back in Ukraine in the 1990s, I remember feeling so much rage and disgust towards the people who would agree to work for free (sometimes for a year or longer) that I realized that if I didn’t leave the country, I would inflict grave bodily harm on someone.

But at least the post-Soviet people had an excuse. They had collectively woken up in an entirely different country without any warning. They were traumatized and severely depressed as a result of this shattering transformation. They are still stupid, irresponsible idiots who preferred to deprive their own children of basic necessities rather than get a grip on themselves and go find paying work but at least there is an explanation for their passivity.

Americans, though! People who have not been infantilized by a totalitarian regime that, for decades, eliminated and persecuted anybody with the entrepreneurial spirit! People whose courageous workers’ movements transformed labor conditions throughout the civilized world! You, too, are patiently trudging to work for free, setting a horrible precedent for your colleagues everywhere? And there is not a single person among all these unionized workers with enough self-respect to refuse to be humiliated and exploited in this way?

This is profoundly disappointing. If people who have not known any real hardship (compared to how the rest of the world lives) are so pathetic and beaten down, then it becomes unclear what needs to happen for anybody to recover any human dignity.

The Future

According to Business Insider, climate change is having a tragic impact on women:

Countless studies show that natural disasters on average kill more women than men — 90 percent female fatalities in some cases, prevent girls from going to school, increase the threat of sexual assault. And the list goes on.

This issue has leapt to the fore in global negotiations on climate change, which scientists warn will be responsible for increasingly violent and frequent natural catastrophes around the world.

Coupled with the insanity of dramatically reducing female population in countries like India and China, global warming might create a world where crowds of men will wage wars over the few remaining women.