What Is Your Canadian Party?

I just did the Canadian political quiz kindly linked by reader Shakti and it turns out that I am. . . a huge, card-carrying Liberal. Yet again, the result is unsurprising.

Of course, I’m only more Liberal than NDP by one percentage point, so that’s not a huge distance.

Cultural Differences in Harassment

There are cultural differences in the way men from different cultures harass women. Russian – speaking men, for instance, demand sexual services from strange women with the facial expression and in a tone of whiny little boys who want you to come be their good Mommy immediately.

Even when the woman in question is an 11 – year-old child and the man is way past his middle age (I’m sharing this from vast personal experience), he still manages to demand that she service him sexually with the same heart-broken and guilt – inducing urgency that an infant cries to be fed or changed.

Too Much Feminism?

While progressive English-speakers are writhing in the agonies of political correctness that clamps their mouths tightly shut, much more progressive immigrants are having an honest discussion. Reader valter 07 says:

First off, let’s admit that so much lamented lack of desire of European women to reproduce is a direct consequence of feminism, among other things. Encouraging women to work, in a situation where success requires the same effort it required from men having a housewife at home – and what else should one expect?

The idea that women deserve to be punished with harassment for refusing to reproduce has been repeated so many times that many people, me included, have taken it as true. However, once you start looking into the matter, you discover that the exact opposite is the case. The reason why women in Germany, France, Spain, etc. don’t have more children is not that there is too much feminism. It is that there is not enough. Having, say, 3 or 4 children and still having a career in Germany, the country that is admitting 800,000 of (mostly) young men – who obviously will start popping out babies immediately – remains a task that only isolated heroes can shoulder. I address everybody who is interested in the subject to the book by the great French feminist Elisabeth Badinter that details all the ways in which Germany specifically punishes the women who want to have children and keep making the money to feed those children. 

If German government at any point in time had invested the billions of euros it is now happily handing over as cash payments and benefits to the refugees into infant care or at least a campaign promoting fatherhood and suggesting that there is no shame or tragedy in a man knowing how to take care of his own children, we might be seeing a very different situation in terms of birth rates in that country. Now we will never know because the hardship faced by women who work will now be compounded 

Progressive, feminist women who are married to the best, most enlightened, most progressive, most well-read and non-sexist men the world has produced so far have to battle these man daily for the right to go to a work meeting or on a business trip, for the possibility to spend two hours away from the baby and not be told by those men that they are horrible mothers. By the way, is anybody interested in venturing a guess how the husband of the best wife in the world from the previous post reacted to her request that he stay with the kids while she goes away for two days? A hint: too much feminism or “encouragement to work” are not part of the answer.

The Best Wife in the World. . .

. . . is not me.

It’s a friend of my sister’s who – get this – bought her husband a 10-day scotch – tasting  trip to Scotland and arranged for his 3 buddies to go with him. In the meanwhile, she will stay home with their two toddlers and an infant and her very responsible job that allowed her to pay for the trip. And no, she’s not cheating.

I’ve got to say, it would never even begin to occur to me to do something like this. On the positive side, N would perceive a trip without me as punishment, so I don’t have to feel so guilty for not being as good a wife.

I still feel guilty, though.