Told You So

As I’ve been saying only for a bizillion years, there is no Israel Lobby:

And because the deal stands, one hoary old myth should fall: that of the “Israel Lobby”, and its supposed secret, malign control over the U.S. government. The Israeli state and major U.S. pro-Israel organizations were foursquare against the deal. Yet, not only did they not defeat it, but they couldn’t even get a bill of rejection to the President’s desk.

The only useful thing about the myth is that it masked just how much Israel is a project of the US. But to believe that there is an actual influence that some sort of an Israel Lobby can have on the US politics, one has got to be all shades of dense.

A Banned Book

At last, Steph revealed the reason he had brought them there. He had a joint. “Where’d you get it?” Wingnut asked in a hushed whisper.

How horribly scandalous that something like this should appear in a novel, right? It’s because of the intolerable scandalousness of these and similar lines that the novel containing them was banned by New Zealand’s Film and Literature Board. It is the first novel to be banned in the country in 22 years.

Now the tender sensibilities of New Zealanders will not be wounded by such traumatizing books. 

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Hillary vs Sexism


I always suspected that the reason most Dem men are so passionate about Bernie is that he’s not a woman. Every time I try to ask such men why they choose Bernie over Hillary, they have nothing to respond other than some vague sounds about insiders, outsiders, Washington elites, etc.

The worst kind of sexism is that of people who are convinced they could never be sexist.