Donald Trump in Sherwood Forest

Wall Street is growing increasingly terrified that Donald Trump — once viewed as an amusing summertime distraction — could actually win the Republican nomination for president.

Gosh, people will believe any silly feel-good garbage. Billionaires are terrified that one of their own will get into the White House. Donald Trump, the friend of the dispossessed. Has anyone heard of anything more stupid?

Fighting Over Corbyn

The funniest spat ever is taking place between Spain’s two Leftist parties, the old and self-important Socialist Party and the new and iconoclastic Podemos. Both parties are claiming that┬áJeremy Corbyn is closer to them and not to their Leftist opponent.

In my own very modest opinion, Spain’s political parties would be better off if they stopped looking for some English-speakers to imitate and suck up to. Irrespective of the virtues of Corbyn (or lack thereof), it is kind of pathetic that two political parties in another country would start bickering over who looks more like him two seconds after he got elected to the leadership of the Labour Party.

Bernie Wipes the Floor with Woman-Haters

Bernie Sanders made a very strong showing and stood up for women’s rights in a powerful way at Liberty University.

Finally, somebody is stating the obvious: claiming you are against big government and simultaneously endorsing the governmental intrusion into people’s bodies is rank hypocrisy.

Bernie’s age and gender are playing into his message in a major way. If a gentleman of his generation can figure this out, it is shameful for younger people, especially women, to remain dense and hateful.

Good job, Bernie!

P.S. If anybody feels at all tempted to make any anti-choice arguments here, go reread my post from September 4, strain your pea – sized brain to its utmost capacity, and keep your murderous oh-peenions as far away from me as possible. The point of the post is to celebrate Bernie’s success and not to advance hateful rhetoric.

Pissy at Oberlin

Folks, have you seen this hilarious blowup between two pissy and ignorant kids at Oberlin? I promise you, it’s the best. One of them goes into fits of rage because another one uses a Spanish word. The kids are so stupid that they confuse “your” and “you are” and say things like “for all intensive purposes.” They obviously have no time to do their homework but dedicate tons of time to stupid, self-righteous anger.

Putin Ate My Chopin

Just as I decided that it might be a good idea to listen to a Chopin concerto at the local symphony, it turned out that the conductor is called Vassily Sinaisky.

A short Google search confirmed my suspicion that this fellow is from Russia and used to work at the Bolshoi. This means the chances of him not being a Putinoid are nil.

So obviously I’m not going. These Putinoids are managing to poison one’s existence no matter how far away from them one tries to get.