Clown Activists

In case there are people who still haven’t seen the clowns from Spain who got naked to help Palestinians, here they are:


I’m not calling them clowns to be offensive. That’s simply their profession, they work as clowns.

It is not clear how this is supposed to help Palestinians. Palestinians seem to be unclear on that, as well. But things are still quite bad in Spain economically, especially for performers, and the clowns are trying to make themselves known in ways that are often quite weird.

It seemed like it was time for some light-hearted, cheerful news on the blog, and this seemed to work for that purpose.

Hillary’s First Live TV Interview

I just watched Hillary’s first live TV interview in this campaign. She was confident, direct, friendly, and brimming with optimism. And why wouldn’t she if the winner of yesterday’s Republican debate owes her success to imitating Hillary herself passably well?

What was especially great is that Hillary made use of the best argument that the Democrats have and that Obama never managed to drive home forcefully enough: Republicans are incredibly inept on the economy. (Everybody who wants to argue with me on this should read this morning’s post on stupid people and stop being a dick.)

Good interview, great prospects.

The Great American Women

The Republican candidates are getting a lot of flak for not managing to name any important American women last night.

I was going to laugh at the poor hapless fellows and the lady who stood out with her great Hillary impression, but then I realized: I would have the same problem they did if asked these questions.

I can spend all day naming the British, Spanish, Ukrainian, French, and even Russian women who achieved greatness but aside from Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks, I can’t name any American female greats. Is this my (and the candidates’) ignorance, or do these great women really not exist?

P. S. Please don’t name women whose achievement consists of marrying some important man. I find that sort of thing to be deeply offensive.


So Elton John got a phone call from Putin. Of course, he immediately started simpering and whimpering, “Oh, thank you so much for calling, oh, I love Russia so much.” After the call ended, he made sure everybody found out about this great honor.

And, obviously, it immediately became known that Putin never made that call. A couple of tricksters played a joke on Sir John, that’s all.

But before you laugh at the gullibility of Elton John, get this: an article in The New York Times says that sources in the White House confirm that Obama is in favor of accepting Putin’s help that will consist in keeping Assad in power in perpetuity. This means that Obama is ready to bury any hope for the end of the war in Syria because he chooses to believe Putin’s overtures of friendship.

Elton John is an easily excitable artist. What’s Obama’s excuse?

People, why are you stupid?

So. The state of Illinois still charges all of us (state university employees) a considerable amount of money for our health insurance. Yet it has now told us that our health costs will not be covered by said insurance. We are told to pay for our healthcare costs “in cash.”

The last time I saw a doctor was Monday. The bill for that visit was $1078. Does anybody have this kind of cash just lying around?

The state takes our money that is supposed to go towards healthcare and uses it to cover other needs. Like, for instance, the enormous salaries to Governor Rauner’s humongous cast of bureaucrats and lackeys.

People, use your brains. Try to use your brains, people. You buy into these ridiculous lies about Republicans wanting “a small government” and being “pro-life”. Then you elect scam artists like Rauner who immediately order to take sick kids off ventilators and steal medical insurance from patients in order to pay for a hugely expanded bureaucratic staff that will make them and their useless relatives feel important.

First, they vote for this deadbeat and then they whine that the state is impoverished. Congenitally stupid losers, that’s who they are.

The Clock


Yes, it’s obvious that nobody in their right mind would fail to see this is a clock. Every clock in my house looks exactly like this. Silly scare-mongerers who can’t recognize a clock when they see one!

Of course, the kid is not to blame for anything. But it’s also understandable that people look at this and remember that Columbine was planned to be primarily a bombing attack. And framing this as “Texan idiots freak out about a clock” is a bit unfair.