Losing to Dumbo

I’m very very worried that during the upcoming meeting with Putin, Obama will hand over to him Ukraine in exchange for a promise to help combat ISIS in Syria.

Obviously, Putin will not keep that promise but it’s not like there are ever any consequences for him when he does that.

I’m afraid that, once again, Putin will dupe the simpleton Americans. Believe me, Putin is not that smart. It’s a real shame to keep losing to such a dumb fellow.

Bigotry Pays

I sometimes feel ready to lose all faith in humanity. People are actually trying to pay Carson for his anti-Muslim statements:

For Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, months of robocalls, campaign speeches, and merchandise sales paled in comparison to the campaign donations he received after a series of anti-Muslim remarks. Carson, who drew widespread criticism after declaring on Sunday that the United States should not elect a Muslim president, is now raking in the cash from donors who share his anti-Islam sympathies.

With the number of Muslims in the US population staying somewhere under 2%, chances are most of these people have not even met any Muslims. So they are parting with their own money, money they could spend on having a good time or buying something for their kids, to pay Carson to say something stupid about a subject they are unfamiliar with.

Gloria mundi

Trump is now saying that his last debate performance sucked so badly because the room where it was held was too hot. He’s saying it to thinning and increasingly bored audiences.

The guy is a sprinter, not a marathon runner. His talent resides in coming up with goofy jokes and catchy soundbites on the spot. But he soon fizzles out and gets flustered and mumbly. Soon he’ll run out of gimmicks, and everybody will forget about him.

What Obama Seeks

An article in today’s NYTIMES is titled “Obama Seeks A Meeting With Putin in New York.”

Let’s trace what happened here.

Until recently, Putin has been begging for this meeting but kept getting rebuffed. Having this meeting is very important to him domestically.

Putin invades Syria.

Putin immediately gets what he wanted and more: Obama is actually asking for a meeting.

Now I will let you draw your own conclusion. This chain of events suggests to Putin that invading other countries

a) is


b) is not

the way to get what he wants.

I can’t know what Obama is thinking but the only actual result of his policies is encouraging Putin to invade more countries and ramp up his aggression in Syria. I’m starting to think that this is not accidental. Obama can’t enhance military engagement because his voters don’t want any, so he is doing it through Putin.


Just to clarify: inserting a sex organ into something or inserting something into a sex organ is only sex if done for purposes of sexual gratification. Nobody thinks that women, for instance, have sex with tampons or with the instruments at an OB-GYN’s office, do they?

So it’s not “Cameron had sex with a dead pig” unless he told you he was trying to get off. And hey, what’s with the stultifying prudery? I’m starting to get reminded of the convent school where nuns had a fainting fit when a student crossed her legs. The poor oversexed nuns were convinced this was a way to fornicate.

A Fresh Idea to Help the Syrian Refugees

This is a brand-new residential area near Sochi, Russia:


The building near the stadium is a school, also brand-new. The residential area was built during the preparation for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

There are playgrounds for kids, too:


Altogether, this residential area could house several thousand families. But can you guess how many families are actually living here?

Seven. Just seven families, that’s all.

Say, wouldn’t it be a great idea to invite some Syrian refugees to live here? The climate in this region is very mild, so the refugees will not suffer from an unusually cold weather. This isn’t like dumping people in Siberia, or anything. Sochi is a resort zone with beautiful beaches. 5% of the population here is Muslim, there are already several mosques here. And in Russia at large, 15% of population is Muslim.

For obvious reasons, Putin is never going to allow any Muslim-bashing in Russia. Yesterday, by the way, he was at an opening of a new mosque in Moscow and made a speech about Islam being one of Russia’s traditional religions.

Given how hard Russia contributes to ensuring that the war in Syria rages on, wouldn’t it make sense for Russia to help out? The Russians keep whining about their enormous shortage of population for such a huge territory. Syrians could help turn these sad, abandoned buildings into a vibrant area.

I don’t see a downside to this idea. Nobody seems to be thinking in this direction right now but once an idea is expressed and begins to travel, who knows where it will end up and what influence it will have.