Boehner Is Out

I’m hearing that I’m not supposed to rejoice because Boehner is retiring since he’ll be substituted by somebody even worse. But can anybody honestly say it will not be a relief to be spared having to see his weepy mug again?

The Pope’s Dem Fandom

All of these so-called Liberals who are peeing themselves with delight over the Pope’s visit demonstrate how easily they sell out the interests and the dignity of women. The Pope is militant and very aggressive in his anti-woman agenda but that does not worry his Dem fans.

Women’s rights always take the back seat to absolutely everything else.

Why the World Loves Putin

A really brilliant Russian scholar says, “Oh, of course, Putin will get a great reception at the UN General Assembly. About 150 out of the 200 participating nations have no idea what Ukraine even is or where it is located but they are deeply convinced that the US is evil. They don’t often say it directly but everybody they perceive as being against the US is guaranteed their support. Putin’s success is not about Putin. It’s about the popularity of anti-American rhetoric.

Putin will not be contented, though. The opinion of these 150 representatives is of no value to him. He needs to be loved by the US.”

Watches Are Back!

Checking the time on one’s smartphone is falling out of style. Just like people are moving away from digital books and back to the real thing, they are also going back to real wrist watches.

Here is my new watch that came in a set with the bracelets:


I remember to put the watch on every day but now the goal is to remember to look at it when I need to know the time. After years of reaching for the phone to see the time, it will take time to learn to consult the watch once again.

Canadian Elections

So it looks like the Tories are increasingly likely to win the elections in Canada and even get a lead that is big enough for them to form a majority government.

I can’t say I’m too shocked, either. Based on the policy quiz I took, I disagree with Canada’s Conservatives fiercely on pretty much every subject. And yet, if I were voting in Canada, I’d vote for the Tories.

I’ve been observing Canada (Quebec, especially) all throughout the global economic crisis and I can’t pretend that I didn’t see shockingly great prosperity in the midst of economic woes of planetary dimensions. Whoever made that happen, whoever dragged Canada through the crisis (Americans know it as “the Recession”) so well is very hard to defeat in any election.

Also, the Tories are the only ones standing up for women’s rights (shocking, I know) and denouncing, albeit quite timidly, the degrading habit of dragging around shrouded and animalized women. If you are not a woman, I know you are incapable of comprehending the debilitating effect it has on women to see this kind of thing. Even my husband, a passionate feminist, thinks the issue is funny. Just believe me when I tell you that it is painful, offensive, and deeply humiliating. Whoever manages to squeeze out, “This is not OK” is my hero. (Maybe if you are a Jew you can get what this means to me if you imagine having to see, on a daily basis, Jews who walk off the pavement without raising their eyes and wearing a yellow star on the left side of their chest.)

The opponents of the Tories don’t manage to articulate a convincing set of objections, which is another sign they will not find it easy to win. Their objections are all on the level of “But Benghazi! But the emails! But Bush lied!” And we all know that this kind of childishness loses elections.

Is Elizabeth Warren a Populist?

Somebody asked me the other day why I consider Elizabeth Warren a populist. Here is an example of her pronouncements that make me cringe:

Here we are, the richest country on earth — we have so much going for us, and yet we have a federal government that works great for millionaires, it works great for billionaires, it works great for giant corporations. It works great for anybody who can hire an army of lobbyists, an army of lawyers, give lots of campaign money. For the rest of America, it’s just not working.

This is garbage, people. This is overwrought, self-pitying garbage that I detest. Everything works great for me and for every single person I know. And it’s obvious that things are working beautifully for Elizabeth Warren, as well.

There is a lot of really bad shit in this country. Poverty, horrible, hopeless slums, segregation. And all this has got to be addressed. But it won’t be addressed by the self-pitying “us against the billionaires” melodrama because things are a lot more complicated than that.

I was driving through East St Louis a while ago and I saw this woman on the porch of a dilapidated house. East St Louis is a slum, in case you didn’t know. The chances of a person there becoming a victim of violent crime is one in 28, more than ten times higher than in the rest of the state. I don’t know what needs to happen for me to find the cynicism and the shamelessness to say that I know anything about the hardship faced by that woman on the porch. She and I are not in the same boat just because neither of us is a billionaire.

I don’t believe for a second that Warren is speaking to the people in East St Louis or Gary, Indiana  (another horrible slum that I’ll never forget.) She is speaking to spoiled middle-class folks who love the “99% vs 1%” slogan because it makes them feel less guilty about the existence of the slums. When they say, “We are all dispossessed compared to the millionaires on Wall Street,” they conveniently erase the uncomfortable fact that some of us are a lot more dispossessed than others.

This is the nature of populism today. It’s all about allowing people to wallow in self-pity and, in return for a chance to feel like victims, they love you. And I hate this shit.