Crazies of the World, Unite!

Hey, folks, and do you know who agrees with the crazy Russians that NASA discovered water on Mars to advance scary ideological purposes?

Rush Limbaugh.

The Hidden Purpose of Finding Water on Mars

The Chair of the Education Committee – once again, the Education Committee – of the Russian Parliament made a statement that NASA found water on Mars on purpose in order to distract the world’s attention from Putin’s speech at the UN General Assembly.

If after this you don’t feel profound compassion for Obama who has had to spend 1 hour and 40 minutes in a conversation with the source of this idea, I’m not sure you are capable of compassion at all. Obviously, a reasonable conversation is not possible with these people.

Violence in St Louis Intensifies

Over the weekend, there’s been a shooting in downtown St Louis and six separate instances of bullets hitting cars on the highways leading to and from St Louis.

The local newscasters are now asking viewers to call if we have any ideas on what to do about the insanely high level of violence in St Louis and the climbing murder rate.

By the way, why are my posts about violence in St Louis always downvoted? Are people jealous that I’m not writing about violence in their areas, or what?

Putin: “We Can Be Better Americans”

Putin finally got to deliver the speech at the UN General Assembly that he’d been so desperate to give. Huge expectations had been built in Russia over this speech. People were told that Putin was about to reveal something so massively important that the world needed to sit up and listen.

Putin came to the General Assembly, opened his mouth and. . . said nothing. Nothing even remotely different from the same tired old stuff he’s been saying for years.

“Americans didn’t manage to be good Americans. Please elect us to be Americans, and we’ll promise to be much better Americans than these current Americans.”

Everybody has heard it a million times already but poor deluded Putin seems convinced that the problem is that people don’t understand what a great deal he’s offering.

This is why people in Ukraine and Syria need to keep dying: their deaths give Putin an opportunity to reiterate, yet again, the same boring message of “We can be much better Americans than the current, etc, etc.”

The Pain of the Unloved

Rebecca Schuman really loves her baby. She publishes one endless post after another about that very fortunate, happy little girl. For those who were not this loved as children, catching a glimpse of Rebecca’s worship of her baby does not come without a pang. There is nothing more destructive to a human psyche than the knowledge that one’s parents did not love one coming to the surface, and Rebecca’s paeans to her baby have the potential to force people to face this deeply hidden truth.

When that happens, a human psyche finds itself on the verge of destruction. So people react violently in order to counteract the horrible threat. They revert to the persona of a wounded child and try to remove the danger, screaming as hard as they can to drown out the memory of never having even a shred of the riches that Rebecca’s daughter enjoys.

“You are ugly!” they vociferate with the voices of rejected, scared little children. “Go kill yourself! I will tell on you! You are hurting me! Go away!”

I hope nobody thinks I’m trying to excuse these fuckers. It is a – no, wait – it is THE  responsibility of every adult to deal with our psychological garbage and avoid spreading it around other people’s lives. It is nobody’s duty to self-censor in order to spare you from freaking out over the shit you are too irresponsible, immature, and stupid to take care of. A person who feels pain and reacts by persecuting others and sending them hateful messages has no excuse.

These people’s punishment, though, lies inside themselves. The untreated wound festers, hurts, poisons their entire lives. Rebecca will go on adoring her baby and enjoying her existence. And the former unloved children will live their entire lives beating back the painful truth and wasting all of their life energy on this impossible task.

Here is the whole story.