Female Senators Support Hillary

All Dem female senators (except Warren, right?) endorsed Hillary for president. No big surprise there. They know very well that women – friendly policies only ever get promoted and adopted by female politicians. Which is obviously not the same as saying that all female politicians promote women – friendly policies.

Plus, Bernie is notoriously weak on women’s rights. Like any honest Marxist, he believes that gender equality will follow from economic equality. And as feminists, we know that’s bunk.

One thought on “Female Senators Support Hillary

  1. Warren would like to continue to push Hillary leftward into stronger anti-wall Street positions, but Hillary really doesn’t need Warren’s support now, and she (Hillary) is going to begin moving toward the center with her eye on the general election.

    Hillary needs to worry about two big unknowns: who the Republican nominee will be, and whether another big ISIS attack forces the U.S. into major military action before the election.


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