A Horrible Revenge

Russia’s Prime Minister Medvedev took a horrible, vicious revenge on the President of Montenegro  Filip Vujanovic for agreeing to join the NATO.

The valiant Prime Minister unfriended the traitorous Montenegran on all his social networks and even – oh, horror! – banned Vujanovic from his Twitter page.

Russians surely know how to hit their enemies where it hurts.

The Definition of Terrorism

I think that terrorists are people who kill for ideological reasons. This means, if course, that they are mentally healthy and of age because they need to have actual ideas to kill ideologically. It also means that they only kill strangers because otherwise ideas are simply a shield for personal resentments.

San Bernardino Update

So it seems that there were just two shooters in yesterday’s massacre: a man from Illinois and his wife from Pakistan. Since they are a couple and the man has mentally ill parents, it’s likely that that this is a story of mental disease in some sort of a folie a deux format. That would explain why the couple freaked out against a center that provides services for mentally disabled patients.

It has also been reported that Farook used to have a profile on a dating site for people with disabilities.

Unless a third shooter surfaces, I don’t think this can legitimately be classed as terrorism.

EU Sticks with the Sanctions

Good news! The EU has prolonged its sanctions against Russia for 6 months. Of course, it would have been better if the EU followed the suggestion of its Eastern European members and extended the sanctions for a full year, but this is good, too.

It’s important to remember that any concessions to Russia, any gestures of good will or attempts at a rapprochement are interpreted in the Kremlin as weakness and compel Russia to invade and bomb somebody else.

Holocaust Studies: Worse Than Auschwitz

Rabbi Aviezer Pilz knows what’s worse than Auschwitz and was happy to share the insight. In the Rabbi’s opinion, educating women is worse than burning Jews in furnaces.

Rabbi Nosson Zochovsky advanced the idea that if women are paid good wages for working, that’s a tragedy in and of itself. He didn’t mention if it’s as big a tragedy as the Holocaust, but given that he had no objection to Pilz’s idea, I’d guess he’s fully on board.

All of these religious fanatics are the same, people. All of them. They are all motivated by a single idea, a single feeling: their extreme hatred of women. There is nothing else that interests them. It matters absolutely nothing what holy book they wave at people to pretend that they are interested in anything but hating women. One such freak beats a 14-year-old girl just because he feels like it, another one shoots up a clinic, and Rabbis Pilz and Zochovsky shit on the memory of the greatest tragedy experienced by their people just so that they can express their hatred of women.

Here is the link, if you want to see the rantings of these crazies for yourself.


The Powerless Power Bridge

Today Putin is scheduled to give his hugely important State of the Nation speech where he, as usual, will explain to the people of Russia that the economy is booming, life is getting better every single day under his strong leadership, and Russia is super successful and admired by everybody on the world arena.

In order to make the speech even more convincing, yesterday Putin was planning to inaugurate a “power bridge” that would finally bring electricity to the Crimea. Putin personally flew out to the “bridge,” the media came in strong numbers to cover the fateful moment of the peninsula lighting up, a ceremony was prepared, and everybody was poised for a huge Putinoid triumph.

Finally, the button that was supposed to activate the “bridge” was pressed and. . . and. . . and. . .

If you need to ask what happened next, then you haven’t understood anything about Russia at all. Putin went back home to work on his speech, and the hapless Crimeans are still sitting in the dark.