The Tyranny of Losers

…Another U.S. official said Malik expressed “admiration” for the extremist group’s leader on Facebook under the alias account. But the official said there was no sign that anyone affiliated with the Islamic State communicated back with her, and there was no evidence of any operational instructions being conveyed to her.

Not even ISIS wanted this loser, which is not at all surprising.

There have always been great numbers of these damaged, useless losers who couldn’t integrate into productive society and lashed out violently against the world they couldn’t join peacefully and creatively.

The Spanish Empire, for instance, purged itself of its freaks by exporting them to the Americas where they killed, raped, and tortured in the name of God. The world has shrunk since then, so it’s harder not to notice the freaks. Plus, they join their communities of losers online.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to ensure that we, the normal, productive people, don’t come into contact with ugly creatures like this Tashfeen.

Hopefully, My First and Last Post on Zuckerberg

All of the people who are criticizing Zuckerberg for not donating 45 billion in the manner in which they would have donated their 45 billion are idiots. Zuckerberg’s gift is not to humanity. It’s to his daughter who will not have to carry the burden of all this money. And that’s a beautiful gift.

By the way, on Russian websites, the story is being discussed mostly from the perspective of, “Of course, something must be wrong with Zuckerberg. See what an incredibly ugly woman he married? He doesn’t deserve his own money!”

I’m Thwarting ISIS. And So Can You!

Canada’s Michael Ignatieff is joining the ranks of eager mind-readers of ISIS:

ISIS wants to convince the world of the West’s indifference to the suffering of Muslims; so we should demonstrate the opposite.

Ignatieff, of course, provides no proof for this assertions but hey, everybody else is now an expert on ISIS’s wants, so why not join the party?

I wonder, does ISIS know what it wants? Is there a Ministry or a Council that gets together to figure out the organization’s desires?

And now please excuse me. ISIS wants me not to go shopping for more Christmas decorations at the local Home Depot and I need to thwart these evildoers immediately. After that, I’ll further thwart the bastards by doing some laundry.

The Good Girl Syndrome

Every single space where even just a few years ago women’s rights were discussed is being aggressively colonized by discussions of refugees, Palestinians, BLM, and everything under the sun but women’s rights. (Here is one example but there are many more.) Whenever one tries to mention feminism, immediately some simpleton begins to chirp busily about intersectionality.

For years, feminists have been ridiculing the idiots who erupt into every feminist conversation with “But what about the men?” And now feminists have turned into those very idiots who do the “But what about the XYZ?” themselves and destroy their own movement because of a silly fad that feeds on women’s desire to be good, subservient little girls who are eager to put everybody’s needs ahead of their own.

What’s really scary is that these “feminists” are so uneducated, so ignorant of anything but the latest fads in subservience that they can’t even figure out how ancient this self-sacrifice in search of a grateful master is.

Reasons to Like Trump

The reason why people like Trump is that his outrageous statements grow out of a seed of an uncomfortable truth that nobody else wants to verbalize.

Take Trump’s hordes of Mexican rapists. No, not all Mexican immigrants, obviously. It is true, however, that Latin American men en masse are nowhere nearly as civilized in their interactions with women as the US men are en masse. This is a fact of objective reality that many people notice. By refusing to discuss this fact we give an opportunity to manipulative politicians like Trump who build on it an ugly edifice of ethnic hatred.

Or take Trump’s suggestion that journalists would feel less accepting of immigrants if their own jobs were threatened. It is undeniable that the overwhelming majority of the supposedly pro-immigrant people in this country only welcome María from Guatemala and Pepe from El Salvador because they need a maid and a gardener to work more cheaply for them and be more terrified of them than Jackie and Jim would be. These very same fake immigrant-lovers have a very different attitude to Sergey, the programmer, and Sandeep, the journalist, because Sergey and Sandeep will not be bossed around for a few bucks and will easily squeeze them out of their own professions.

Fake immigrant-lovers do all they can to prevent Sergey and Sandeep from coming over, yet they position themselves as morally superior to those who – for the exact same reasons! – want to separate themselves from María and Pepe with a wall. Even the stupidest are likely to see the hypocrisy of this approach. A more honest response would be to stop staging spectacles of moral superiority and accept that fearing María and fearing Sandeep stem from the same place: the discomfort caused by the unstoppable flows of liquid capital (or, in simpler terms, the world is changing and we are all in the same boat as we try to adapt to the changes.)

Kremlin Games

High-ranking members of Putin’s state apparatus (e.g. the attorney general, various ministers, heads of huge state corporations) often give the opposition very incriminating information against themselves. And yes, there is opposition in Russia. It’s small, weak, and lacking in any chance of getting elected, but it exists and works hard to make the crimes of Putin’s clique known.

The incriminating information is extremely serious and 100% true. It has to do with high-level corruption or (like in a scandalous case that came to light this week) even being involved with a criminal gang that engaged in the rape of children and mass murder.

Why would these officials pass this information about themselves to the opposition, knowing full well that it will be immediately publicized, you’ll ask? Because that’s the way they achieve job security.

Putin is very proud and hates the idea that he could be seen as manipulated by the opposition. Even if he’s planning to fire a fellow, having that fellow denounced by the opposition makes Putin determined to keep him.  His apparatchiks clocked on to their leader’s fear of being manipulated and are using it to their own benefit.