UK Justice

In London, a 46-year-old Saudi millionaire was pronounced not guilty of raping a teenager after claiming he accidently tripped and fell on her. He claimed his penis was hanging out when he walked past her, so when he tripped, it went in.

A London jury believed him and deliberated for all of 30 minutes before acquitting the vicious little toad (there are pictures of him online. Look them up if you don’t believe this description.)

Emotional Terrorists

A hilarious case of a denizen of a deeply consumerist society projecting his trivial, childish preoccupations on the world:

The purpose of terrorism is not to kill or maim or destroy. For the attackers, such crimes are merely tactics, on the way to a different goal, which is to terrorize. The strategic ambition is to use attacks and atrocities to change people’s emotions and arouse their fears. The aim is to make strong societies feel desperate and helpless


This sheltered individual cannot imagine anything more horrible than having a few unpleasant emotions for two minutes. The goal of every evildoer on the planet has just got to be to “change” his emotional state and “make” him feel something he did not order.

The possibility that there might be cultures where nobody is as fixated on their tender fee-fees never occurs to this overgrown baby.

It’s fascinating to observe people fantasize about “terrorists.” They never say anything of value about terrorism but they reveal a lot about themselves.

Creepy Voters

Voters on yesterday’s debate:

Verbatim quotes about Christie: “He’s absolutely on point and he makes me feel safe.”

This sort of self-infantilization is creepier than the everlasting fuck. And it is very similar to the ways in which Russians describe their deification of Putin.

People over the age of 14 normally know that feelings have an internal locus of control and that the role of politicians is not to help voters emote.

As Zygmunt Bauman said, the sloppy, sappy private has devastated the public space like a tsunami.

Radical Islamic Terrorism

Question: why doesn’t Obama just say the words “radical Islamic terrorism” already and spare us the continued misery of having to listen to endless complaints that he doesn’t say them?

Yes, clearly, saying the words won’t damage ISIS in any way. But it will alleviate the tedium of seeing the public space colonized by the discussion of his reluctance to say the words.

Hillary said she was sorry about the emails, and they mostly went away. Why not do the same for this discussion? What good is being advanced by the refusal to just say it already?

Stupid in Montréal

I was always so miserable that I had to leave Montréal forever but now I’m thinking I wouldn’t be happy there anyway. See this:

The borough of Cote des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grace is doing what it can to encourage healthy living through a proposed bylaw limiting the availability of fast food.
The borough wants to prevent the construction of new fast food restaurants bordering major traffic arteries. Existing restaurants won’t be affected.

I don’t eat fast food but I grew up in the USSR and this kind of sloganeering brings back traumatic memories. Besides, one gets the privilege of paying enormous taxes only to enable some fucker bureaucrat who can’t get snow cleaned from the streets lecture one on “healthy living”? CDN/NDG is a mess every year when it snows. I almost killed myself slipping in CDN last January, and that was way more dangerous to my health than the fast food I don’t eat.

Besides, CDN is the area where recently arrived immigrants live. Maybe they don’t have money to eat in / start expensive eateries. But yeah, let’s lecture them on healthy living instead of cleaning garbage from the street.