Village Idiots

What’s really annoying are the stupid NRA commercials.

“ISIS is coming! Buy a gun or it will eat you alive!”

Initially, my faith in humanity always prevails and I feel tempted to believe that nobody will be duped into a purchase with such ridiculous manipulation.

But then my more realistic side awakens. . .

Ukraine ♡ Israel ♡ Muslims

Ukraine’s president Poroshenko made a speech in Israel, apologizing for Ukrainians’ contribution to the Holocaust. I’m not sure he would have done it had he not known how much it would bug the Russians, but the important thing is that he did it. This is an enormously important step forward for Ukraine.

It is especially hilarious that the relationship between Israel and Ukraine has been strengthened as a result of what the stupid Putinoid propaganda has called “a Nazi regime in Kiev.” At the same time, Ukraine’s relationship with its Muslim community is also more solid and loving than ever.

Supreme Belief

Oprah’s new series “Belief” features people of all kinds of religious faiths from every corner of the world.

It seems, though, that all these people have one unshakeable belief in common: the belief in the primacy of the English language. Irrespective of religion, country, culture and generation, they are all somehow English-speakers. This is neither questioned nor explained in the series. 

Christmas Tale

Here is heart-warming and true Christmas tale for you, folks.

A Ukrainian doctor decided to visit Canada and applied for a visa. One of the documents you have to present when applying is a statement about your income. If the income is low, you don’t get a visa because Canada doesn’t want any of those poor Ukrainians traipsing around.

Of course, a Ukrainian doctor has a very low salary, so his visa application was denied. The doctor could have bought a fake income statement on the black market but he decided to be honest instead.

The doctor wrote a letter to the Canadian consulate saying,

“Aside from my salary, I get gifts and tips from patients. I also treat patients at home and don’t declare this income. I’d love to live in a country where people can declare all of their income, pay their taxes honestly and live decently. Right now we are trying to create this kind of society in Ukraine. But this transformation will take time.”

The Canadian consulate read the letter, realized that different countries have different ways of dealing with things, and issued the honest doctor a visa!

The moral of the story: even the unwieldiest of all bureaucratic machines gives way in the face of sincerity and ingenuity.

Corporate Justice Protesters

What people fail to notice is that student protests don’t attempt to impose principles of social justice, progressivism, or anything of the kind.

They are trying to introduce corporate principles to campuses and recreate the environment of a large corporation at their universities.

And that’s precisely why the protesters are so eagerly supported by the administrators who came to academia from big business.

Just think about it: strict speech codes, dress codes, a fake family structure (“this isn’t supposed to be an intellectual environment but our home!”), harshly scripted behaviors for everybody, over involvement of the HR in micromanaging interpersonal relationships between workers, lectures on racial and gender sensitivity aimed at minimizing lawsuit potential, administrative punishments for anybody who departs from the management – approved pitch – what else is this if not a huge corporation?

This is corporarization at its most fanatical.