More Greece-Bashing from Germany

Germans continue on the path of making themselves hated by everybody in Europe. Right now, they are scolding Greece simultaneously for:

A. Letting too many refugees into Europe;

B. Not paying for comfortable conditions of the refugees Greeks do let in.

Taking into account all the ways in which Germany contributed to Greece’s impoverishment, this current round of German Greece – bashing looks disgusting.

As you know, in the conflict between Germany and Greece I was always on the side of Germany and against Greece. But even my obvious pro-German bias can find nothing but simple malice in what Germany is doing right now. This will tear Europe apart because Southern and Eastern Europeans (and eventually the Northern Europeans whom Germany is trying its darndest to annoy right now) will get too fed up with Germany’s tantrums to want to stick around.

Feminists Support Men’s Right to Bully Women

At London’s Goldsmiths College, the feminist organization allied itself with a group of woman-hating men in a campaign of terrorizing and threatening a female speaker

The feminists explained their support for men’s inalienable right to bully a woman who dares to speak in public as an attempt to create “a safe space.” For male bullies. It worked, and the bullies were allowed to mount a public spectacle of hassling a woman to their heart’s content.

Useful Idiots

If it weren’t for Trump, there’d be no chance Leftie bloggers would have a single bad word to say about Putin. While Putin invaded countries, bombed civilians, persecuted gays, flogged workers’ unions, curtailed women’s rights and imposed fiercely neoliberal policies, the Western Leftists adored him. But now that Trump had a couple of nice words to say about him, they are discovering that Putin is not that great.

Well, it’s good to know that some use can be squeezed out of an idiot of Trump’s caliber.