Toilet Politics

It is absolutely disgraceful, pathetic and ridiculous that for every 500 articles and blog posts on the subject of Hillary’s bathroom break and Trump’s schlonging there is maybe one that analyzes what was actually said in the debate.

Everybody dumps on Trump, yet the number of people who gleefully stoop to his level and wallow in schlonged bathroom breaks with him is enormous. They fake outrage at what he is saying but, in reality, they dig what he does because it frees them from the unwelcome obligation to think and analyze.

Trump did not come out of nowhere. We all have created – and are still studiously constructing – the political space that is dominated by bathroom humor and petty bickering over absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Toy Store

Gay couples could one day have their own biological children carrying traits from both parents, according to new research. Such a breakthrough could even lead to ‘multiplex parenting’ with groups of more than two, or children created by just one parent.

As long as consumers can buy the toy that hit their fancy, who cares what it will do to actual children? Especially given that these kids will become life-long consumers of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.