Why Cuba Sucks

The reason why Cuba is a hell hole in the same way as the Soviet Union was a hell hole is not that it’s poor, consumer goods can only be bought at the black market at enormous prices, medical care and education are ridiculously bad, and the standards of hygiene are abysmally low.

All of this is insignificant compared to the real tragedy of Cuba (inherited, I remind you, from the USSR). The people’s soul had been murdered. All normal human instincts, impulses, values and connections have been broken. There is nothing but cynicism, cruelty, and indifference. Poverty can be overcome but how do you escape from the reality where doctors torture patients as a matter of course because it’s fun to do and where people are casually and mindlessly cruel to each other all day long just because they can?

There is nothing anybody can do except feel sorrow for the mindless destruction of what used to be a valuable, productive culture.


8 thoughts on “Why Cuba Sucks”

  1. Bravo, bravo, ma’am! It’s nauseating to watch coverage of the first baseball game in Cuba and see the dumbass pundits talking about how great Cuba is and how great this is for US/Cuba relations, Castro’s minions won’t let them see the real Cuba. I would be far more impressed if one of the players shot Castro or his brother during a photo options, or beat them with a baseball bat, or at least denounce the regime. But they won’t, they chickenshit and stooges, they won’t rock the boat. Belated congratulations on your baby, ma’am, I was afraid to say the wrong thing because I don’t like kids and I didn’t want to be awkward 😀


    1. Thank you!

      I’m nauseated by the celebratory coverage, too. Nobody has a word to spare for the suffering the Castro regime is causing. It’s shameless, that’s what it is.


  2. I’m sad to hear your views on Cuba, Clarissa, but I can’t claim to know much about it myself.

    I am skeptical that the results of communist rule have been identical in Russia and Cuba. The two countries started from such different points before the introduction of Communism. They are so very different in history, culture, language, even climate, it’s hard to imagine the people would emerge from communism with identical personality traits.

    Of course, many Cuban people also suffered considerably under unchained capitalism and organized crime before Castro took over. Not sure the condition of the average Cuban could have gotten much worse. The people who had some degree of wealth all fled to the U.S.

    A long, sad story of misery and failure.


  3. There was that scholarly book published 2 or 3 years ago (Jacqueline Loss, Caviar with Rhum or something like that) about the cultural legacy of the USSR in Cuba. You might find it interesting to have a quick look at it.


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