Flaky at Emory

Another bunch of overfed, spoiled rich brats is raising hell on yet another ultra expensive campus over being traumatized by somebody writing “Trump 2016” on the sidewalk. It’s become prestigious among rich snowflakes to claim trauma, so they are on the lookout for any excuse to pretend to be victimized. This particular pretense is as dumb as any other their colleagues in self-pity have used.

Read the link; it’s hilarious. What’s less hilarious is that the protesters have convinced the administration to persecute and prosecute the sidewalk artists who traumatized them so badly by writing Trump’s name.


10 thoughts on “Flaky at Emory”

  1. Holy crap – unbelievable. Where I teach – a blue-collar commuter university with a large population of first- and second-generation immigrants almost all of whom have one or two jobs – this would be inconceivable.


  2. General question:
    Why is expressing “I’m traumatized” the fashionable way to be aggressive? I see this from everyone now.

    Another question, OT:
    Why is EVERYONE reverting to middle school personas? I don’t get it. I’ve never met a person who actually enjoyed that stage of life, so why are we getting endless iterations of this in public life now? The cliche is that many people think of high school (and college) as the golden era of their lives.


    1. I think it might be precisely because nobody enjoys that stage in life. People tend to recreate traumatic moments and replay them endlessly, hoping for a different outcome.


      1. What is causing everyone to collectively revisit the trauma of middle school?And why now? The other option is that, for some people, middle school really was the best part of their lives.


        1. Oh, it’s not just now. The stories I could tell about 60+ year old professors acting out scenes from the movie Mean Girls (although many of them are boys).


  3. Like


    [… please, please someone do this at Emory — I’d love to have video of the reactions …] 🙂


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