A Crazy Book on the Charlie Hebdo Massacre

It’s been a long time since I held in my hands a book as ignorant and silly as Emmanuel Todd’s Who Is Charlie?. The author invents reality that will fit his quite bizarre thesis and refuses to let facts stop him.

The erosion of Catholicism, he states, has led to the rise of nationalism and ethnic hatred. One example he gives is Western Ukraine where Catholicism supposedly died in 1991, turning people into Russophobes. This is absolutely ridiculous since any religion has been completely irrelevant in Ukraine for at least 70 years and there is no Russophobia anywhere in Ukraine except in the feverish imaginings of Putinophile propaganda.

In what concerns Putin, this weird author is a great admirer and invents bizarre and unsubstantiated justifications for his adoration of Putin’s regime.

Todd insists on justifying the actions of the terrorists who slaughtered the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. The terrorists were mentally ill, he argues without a shadow of proof. Or upset about their low wages. Or upset over a cartoon of Mohammed looking like a penis. I saw that cartoon but did not notice anybody looking like a penis. Well, I guess a penis is in the eye of the beholder, and Todd is eager to fantasize about non-existent penises or equally non-existent liberties in Russia as long as he can argue that terrorists were the real victims in the slaughter they committed.

What a profoundly dishonest and ridiculous book.


Ultimately, we have a candidate who did say “a complete and total ban on Muslims entering the United States” and a candidate who didn’t say that. If people need anything else to be convinced, then I don’t even know what to say. It has got to be not OK to say that, period.

Everything Is Not Work

I’m also not that into the excessive use of the word “work.”

“Are you still working on that dessert?”

No, I’m not working on it. The person who made it worked on it. I’m eating it, and it’s not that hard.

“We’ve been working on this TV series all winter long.” And this is not coming from people who created the show. It comes from viewers.

It’s just a way of speaking, you’ll say. But remember, a language is not just a collection of signs and sounds. It’s a universe of meanings. When everything needs to be positioned as work, it betrays an incapacity to accept that rest is as great and important as work.

It’s OK not to work every second of every day. Let’s all just relax already.

Our Poop

Parents of infants often use first person plural to talk about their babies. It’s not a big deal, although they might end up sounding confusing (“Our tummy hurts”) or kind of creepy (“We pooped twice today!”). Problem is, some people can’t stop doing it long after it’s even marginally OK.

“We are taking two AP courses this year because we want to start filling out our college applications early.”

Or even, “We just started going out with our first boyfriend!”  And it takes everything I’ve got not to respond, “Lady, your first boyfriend happened before the Vietnam War. Stop creeping me out.”

Reality follows words, and the temptation to be an active presence in our college applications or our relationship with the boyfriend will be very hard to vanquish. And “our poop” will gradually transform into a younger person’s pooped up life of which she or he doesn’t feel fully in control.

When Idiots Protest Trump

So all of these angry idiots who wave Mexican flags in front of Trump’s rallies, assault female Trump supporters, burn American flags – what are they trying to do exactly? Help Trump get elected?

Their idiotic fit of passionate love for Mexico begs the question of why they are not right now in that Mexico they so love. Do they need Trump to get elected and take them back there and away from the US that they are finding so horrible?

Who are these losers and why aren’t they getting their heads examined ASAP?

Hair Adventures Continue


Unsurprisingly, Klara hates my hair. It gets into her mouth or coils around her little fingers. So I realized that I have to start getting it under control. Which is not easy given how thick it is. One thing I found is this flexi clip in the Mega size. Marketed to people with dreadlocks, it kindly accommodated my hair.

The color of the hair is weird because of electricity.