Klara Update

I’m blessed because Klara is a very good-natured baby. I can take her to lunch with the ladies, a Japanese restaurant, campus, AT&T store, and she stays calm, doesn’t cry, and looks at everything seriously and curiously. When she is hungry, she quietly points to her mouth in a very dignified way. When she is sleepy, she makes squirrel fists. She only ever cries if she absolutely has to. 

She also finds it hilarious when I pronounce “baby” as “beeey-beee.” She collapses with laughter. And when she saw me speak Spanish on campus last week, she found that fascinating. Watching me speak to people is one of her favorite pastimes. 

Modern Workplace

I had yet another problem with AT&T and was forced to trudge to the store once again. The young men working here were all pouty, tantrumy, and unwilling to do any work. All they wanted to do was stand by the door and bitch loudly and obnoxiously about their girlfriends. I’m old hat, though, and I know how the modern workplace functions. I asked to speak to a female employee. She made some calls, pressed some buttons, and the problem that her male peers insisted was not solvable was resolved.

This is young men under the age of 25, of course. If they were even slightly older, things would be different. But this is the generation that took the erosion of gender roles way too seriously, and here is the result.

Is Elizabeth Warren Charismatic?

Here’s a test. Imagine Warren delivering a speech in favor of market deregulation and in favor of a complete ban on abortion and contraception. Would you still find her charismatic? Or are you confusing charisma and ideological affinity?

Charisma is what Fidel Castro used to have 20 years ago. I’d know that everything he was saying was a lie but when he spoke, I really really wanted to believe him. That’s charisma. And it’s dangerous precisely because it switches off reason and logic. 

Why Brexit, Part II

I want as many Hispanic immigrants around as possible, I live for Hispanic culture, my Spanish is phenomenal. However, I don’t condemn people who are freaked out by the scope of Hispanic immigration to this country. When I traveled to Spanish-speaking countries the first 5 times, the experience was very traumatic. I wanted to be there, I spoke the language beautifully, and I’m from a very sexist country where daily disrespect towards women is the norm. And still it was very harsh. So I understand the folks who balk at having this culture arrive at their doorstep when they don’t know the language and haven’t chosen to have this experience. 

One can screech “racism” until one is blue in the face but cultural incompatibility is real and overcoming it is hard. I should know. I left my own country because I felt completely culturally incompatible with everybody else. No useful goal will be achieved by trying to trick Leavers in the UK out of this very real discomfort by telling them they are actually bothered by the cruelty done to Greece and that they are racist anyway so who cares.

Have to go again, sorry.

Why Brexit, Part I

What I find truly contemptible is that even after the Brexit debacle some people can’t bring themselves to utter the reason why Brexit won at the polls. Some people have gone to the insane extreme of saying that Britons voted Leave because they were so overpowered with compassion for Greece. I mean, you’ve got to be a lying weirdo of the first order to come up with that idiotic explanation. 

The real reason is, of course, immigration. There, I said it, and nobody died. Britons freaked out because of immigration. And the ruling classes are still not ready to acknowledge that and start doing something. It’s as if they were waiting for actual pogroms.

I have to run now but I will continue. 

The Warren Question 

I didn’t think that Elizabeth Warren would be a good choice for Hillary’s veep but it’s become clear that she really REALLY wants the job. And she’s the kind of person who will move mountains when she wants something. She’s not rigid, she always evolves, and that matches Hillary’s own greatest strength. 

Imagine how much better she could be as a running mate than some boring fellow named John or Jack that nobody ever heard about.