Deadly Truck

Another act of terror in France took place this evening. This is extremely disturbing. As the French are celebrating the birth of modernity, the greatest freedoms that the Bastille Day stands for are at risk.

Stop the Clutching 

It would be great if criticism of Trump didn’t slip into puritanical pearl clutching. First, there were scandalized shrieks over Trump’s entirely innocuous comment about breasts. Now, there is an even more idiotic trend of describing Trump’s son as “a perv” for saying that his sister is beautiful. I say that my sister is beautiful all the time because she is and I not only already discussed breasts with Klara but also told her where she came from. So what? What’s the big deal? Is there no legitimate reasons to criticize Trump that we have to fake ridiculous puritanism that we don’t apply to any other situation?

I Just Need to Get It All Out

Our university paid $40,000 to the clickers makers just a couple of years ago. And now it turns out that the company is ditching the whole shebang we paid for and wants us to start paying all over again for the digital model. Which many of our students will not even be able to use because it requires Internet access. And we have a significant number of classrooms with no such access. 
So those $40,000 were effectively flushed down the toilet on clunky hardware that is now unusable. 

If Rauner – or anybody- really wanted to trim the budget and remove these idiotic “technological solutions” while closing down the multicultural diversity and leadership networking operations on campus, that would be a great idea. But no, this kind of shit is funded by the bucketful while I’m not in any way confident that my Texas conference will be funded. 

OK, that’s it for clickers for this week, I promise.

Hiring and Dating

I hate hiring because it reminds me of dating. I spent 9 years dating and enjoyed none of it.

In both hiring and dating, people conceal their real goals for entirely unfathomable reasons. They claim to be looking for a casual relationship  (full-time job) when they actually desperately want to get married (work part-time).

People demonstrate complete lack of self-awareness. Everything they say about themselves is the exact opposite of who they are. The messiest person in the world sincerely considers himself a meticulous neat freak. A person who needs endless micromanagement insists she is a free spirit and an independent thinker.
In both activities, people are known to disappear without an explanation after a few great dates (blissful work days) only to resurface two months later in order to inform you that you are the love of their lives / employer of their dreams.

I will have to start interviewing graduate assistants tomorrow and I dread the prospect. Hiring and dating both suck.