Love of Triviality

The number of bloggers in my blog roll who criticized Trump for his  (perfectly reasonable) unwillingness to have a screaming baby interrupt his talk is at least 10 times greater than the number of bloggers who had something to say about his deranged insistence that Russia will not invade Ukraine. Which it has been doing since 2014. 

But I’m sure they all feel vastly superior to those dumb Trump supporters who are too stupid to care about serious issues. 

Transformation of Labor, Part II

So here is the answer to why young men from well-to-do families of no great religiosity who are living in Europe or Canada run away to ISIS. They intuit that the labor market is requiring that they feminize themselves in order to be even marginally employable. This disturbs their capacity to comprehend the world because the most basic hierarchy they know is undermined. They run away to the place where this trauma can be exercised by restoring the male – female hierarchy in an aggressive way. 

Transformation of Labor, Part I

I read a fascinating article but I can’t link because it’s in Russian, so I’ll retell. 

In fluid societies, the very nature of labor has changed. Here is what paid work is now like:

– the barriers between work time and private time are eroded. You are now expected to be available to clients and employers / employees 24/7 with no breaks.

– most jobs are in the service sector. 

– you need to invest a lot of time and effort into creating your personal brand because the main tool of your labor is your self. This self needs to be kept attractive and constantly appealing to potential buyers. 

– precarization, unpredictability, lack of control. 

– more and more people see work as solitary and isolated toiling in their own houses. There is no labor union and often no collectivity.

– much of the work is unpaid.

– it’s impossible for workers to plan their own lives because they have no control over where they might need to move next.

There are many people, though, for whom none of this is new. They have been working like this forever. Who are these people?

Women. This is a description of what women’s work in the traditional family is like.