Hey, so remember that “pro-life, pro-guns, I-have-a-massive-case-of-erectile-dysfunction-but-no-knowledge-or-skills” candidate in Missouri?

He won the primary.

Go to the link if you want to see his ads. It’s not ok to mock people with physical impairments, so try not to giggle too loudly.

Sloppy Talkers

Some people are so sloppy and careless with language that what they say ends up having zero meaning. Take, for instance, the currently faddy expression “emotional labor.” Here is somebody for whom clearing the table after a meal is suddenly “emotional labor.” 

It’s as if the whole point of talking, for these people, were not to communicate any information or share ideas but to repeat a dumb clich√© as many times as possible. 

Thursday Link Encyclopedia 

This is where the intense dumbness of pothead parents leads. 

The most counterproductive and ridiculous way to defend Khizr Khan. The Khans are clearly in the right. There is no need to construct such ridiculous defenses of them. 

tragic case of male loneliness

The problem with academia is that this sort of ridiculous childishness is worn like a badge of honor by way too many

But there are also very happy, well-adjusted and normal people in the world. This post made my day

No, academics don’t indoctrinate students

Mandatory schooling for senior citizens

A great way to make the fight for a higher minimum wage immoral.


The banking system of Canada is very strange. I tried closing an old account today, and the teller told me I had to remember which two pieces of ID I had used when opening the account. Back in 1999.

When I made it clear that this feat was inaccessible to me, the teller asked me if I wanted to be given my remaining balance in $15 bills. I haven’t been in Canada for a while, and for all I know $15 bills might have been introduced. But that was a weird moment.