The Power of TV

Brendan Dassey from Making a Murderer has had his conviction overturned. 

We now have Netflix-inspired justice and reality TV elections. 

The Results of the Trip

On the positive side, after a trip to another country with Klara, I no longer see every outing with her to the library, the supermarket or the coffee-shop as a complex and heroic endeavor. Everything now seems extremely easy compared to delayed and canceled flights, hotels, motels, luggage, unfamiliar surroundings, scary Montreal drivers, and weird Canadian diapers. (Seriously, Canadians, are you aware that your diapers suck?)

On the negative side, Klara is now very bored at home. Try as I might, I cannot provide the same number of new impressions, fun things to see, people to meet, views to explore. I understand how she feels because even N and I suffer from sensory deprivation here. Imagine how a rapidly developing brain must feel.

Echo Chamber

You know who first invented the idea that Obama and Clinton are the founders of ISIS?

Of course, it’s Putin’s media. I’ve been hearing this idea for quite a while from Russian TV journalists and pundits. And as we all know, they only say what they are told to say. 

God, I thought I’d never see the day when a major presidential candidate in the US would so submissively and obediently repeat lines invented by KGB employees to rubbish a sitting American president. Somebody in the Kremlin is having a fantastic time observing all this. 

P.S. Don’t believe me, listen to McFaul. He knows Russia very well.