People, turn on the TVs now. Trump is making an appeal for African-American votes, and it’s the funniest thing in the world. We are collapsing over here. 

What’s Up in Milwaukee?

And once again im completely uninformed about everything. WTF is happening in Milwaukee? Why will Trump be speechifying about it? 

Cool Daycare

Klara’s new daycare sends daily reports about everything she did there, how much she ate and at what time, how long she slept and when, diaper changes, the toys she played with. It’s really helpful because if, for instance, her nap times get disrupted, I need to know about that.

If this seems too anal, remember that she is still a very small child. 

P.S. What’s really cute is that every day they explore a new concept in Spanish within the general theme that kids of all ages study this month. Right now, the theme is space travel. I don’t believe babies particularly need Spanish at this point but I like it that the daycare is organized meticulously. Small children don’t thrive amidst chaos.

Scary Muslims

Remember how Putin came to power? And made himself very popular and beloved by the electorate? And deflected every threat to his power? And got the people to love and support him in the midst of all sorts of failures? 

He has one primitive yet infallible trick called “radical Islamic terrorism.” Whenever there is a chance he won’t get what he wants, he stages a convenient act of terror, blames it on Scary Muslims, and presents himself as the country’s savior from said Scary Muslims.

First, he used this strategy to get everything he wanted domestically. These days, he doesn’t want anything else domestically because he has all he needs. Today, he wants something internationally. He wants the sanctions to be lifted and for the world to recognize that he has the right to do whatever he wants in FSU countries. (That’s for now. The moment he gets this concession, he’ll want more.) 

So the Scary Muslims Stratagem is trotted out again. France made it known that it’s almost ready to lift the sanctions, so France gets hammered by terror attacks where citizens of Russia have an active role.

And then the US made it known it’s ready to remove the sanctions. . . The Scary Muslims (who are not really Muslims) operation has already been tried on US soil. Remember Tsarnaevs? The operation didn’t bring any immediate results because the US wasn’t ready to roll over and play dead just yet. But as a trial run, it went swimmingly.

For those who read in Russian, here is a great article on the subject.

The Real Danger 

The Kremlin will not easily give up on its opportunity to install a puppet US president. And everybody realizes that a massive act of terror conducted by some convenient Muslims in some iconic American place sometime in October might propel Trump to a win. 

So let’s stop obsessing about yet another meaningless thing Trump said today and start hoping that no convenient Chechens will be found to make this happen.