Protected: First Day of Class

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Everybody at work asks me why I’m dressed so beautifully every day. I’ve been at home either pregnant or covered in spit up for 16 months. How surprising is it that I welcome the chance to look nice?

Trump’s Pivot 

Oh, yes, Trump totally became more presidential. Such gravitas, such self-respect. 

By the way, I stopped watching Morning Joe because I couldn’t take that much pro-Trumpian propaganda so early in the morning. And this is the gratitude the stupid shills get from their icon.

Trump’s Russian Comeback 

Russian news outlets are sputtering with joy as they celebrate Trump’s “incredible comeback” and his newly formed lead over Clinton. I don’t know if there is such a comeback or such a lead but it’s funny how they forget to mention that the comeback was only needed after an association with them became widely known.