I Hate People 

A colleague who is an immigrant from Mexico – and I repeat, a colleague, meaning she teaches at a public college in Illinois, got it? – turned out to be passionately pro-Trump. But what you’ll never guess is why. 

She despised Obama, she says, because he always reached for his wife’s hand when they were out in public, and that means he’s not manly. Trump, however, never pays any attention to his wife. That’s a real strong man!

It’s one thing to vote  for Trump or whomever. But to give control over the largest nuclear arsenal on earth because he treats his wife like shit – it’s nothing short of terrifying. If people at least knew to keep these things to themselves, but no, they think it’s ok to share them.

Now go and reread the first two words of the post to understand the nature of my predicament. 

Wednesday Link Encyclopedia 

Should Democrats confirm Gorsuch? I agree with every word of this brilliant piece

Simone de Beauvoir was right, there are men who are consumed with a jealous rage that women can get pregnant while they can’t. 

How to survive in intersectional feminist spaces? You’d think from this idiotic article that crowds of people are lining up to access intersectional spaces. It’s cute how some folks try to protect entrance to a group nobody wants to join anyway. 

Big tennis is not that different from academia. You can’t get people to retire until they are wheeled away on a hearse.  

Students make Freudian mistakes. Short and funny. 

don’t know if this person is deranged or brilliant. Decide for yourselves if this is somebody to emulate. All I can say is that this is what the liquid economy wants. 

Students fall prey to an employment scam. Please share with your students. 

How much does a president cost? Not that much, actually. 

A blogger entreats Trump to be a man: “Be a man. A real man. One who doesn’t require to be told endlessly that he’s the best, the greatest, the biggest. One who isn’t compelled to ask for affirmation from people who couldn’t give less of a shit about things like the size of your inauguration crowd.” I wonder if this blogger ever met men because this is kind of the definition. 

California’s pensions are eating kids’ schooling. We have a similar problem with pensions in Illinois and it’s unsolvable because people who were promised they can retire at 55 with a pension of $2,500 a month will never relinquish this fantasy. They’ll happily devour kids’ lives instead. 
Another example of why highly popularized studies should not be trusted. 

Trump sandwich