If the deaths of millions of indigenous people of the Americas from communicable diseases in the 16th century constituted “a genocide” at the hands of Europeans, it has to follow that the deaths of millions of Europeans from an epidemic of plague 150 years earlier were also a genocide. Presumably, at the hands of the Eastern merchants who brought the disease on their ships. 

I don’t understand how one can be considered a scholar and use terminology so carelessly. I’m reading a book on medieval history that everybody quotes and it’s filled with this kind of bloopers.

Update on UkraineĀ 

The Russian offensive at Avdievka is failing. One of the military hospitals where wounded Russian soldiers are being sent, for instance, can no longer accept patients because it’s bursting at the seams. Others are still accepting the wounded but there are so many that things are looking bad. 

Putin is furious. He just fired a bunch of high military officials. This defeat was not anticipated, especially since this time Putin has been sending regular troops quite openly. (Before, the troops had to pretend that the had wondered into Ukraine by mistake or that they were there while on leave.) 

The reason why Russian troops are failing once again is that they are not fighting with Ukraine. They are fighting with their fantasy of Ukraine. It was much easier for them to achieve their goals in Syria because they are not emotionally attached to a fantasy of what Syrians should be like and could create real plans for actually existing situations.

He Loves His Poorly EducatedĀ 

Trump supporters are trying to argue with me on Facebook but it’s useless. Their command of the English language is so poor that I have no idea what they are trying to say. And neither do they. Here is the most recent example:

Keep picking on trump and see where it gets you! As Glen Beck said, he is a counterpuncher, so keep punching at him  with your mouthy remarks and watch him let you try and figure it out. We all know how that scenario will play out!

“Watch him let you try and figure it out”? Huh? “Punching with mouthy remarks”? 

I’m sure she’s one of those resentful blobs who keep moaning that immigrants bother them with their bad English. 

Protests in Romania

Romanians are protesting massively against corruption. Good for you, Romanians! Maybe your example will remind Americans that only a constant opposition and struggle against corruption can keep it at bay. Because the ease with which Americans are welcoming corruption into their society is disgusting. 

I hope the people of Romania win. 

The “I Wanna” Mommies

There is an article in the NY TIMES About women who smoke pot during pregnancy. The disgust I feel for these vicious pieces of refuse (as well for those who drink alcohol in large quantities, smoke tobacco and take other natcotics) is profound. The poor kid hasn’t even been born yet but she is already couching her relationship with him in terms of “I wanna and you can get stuffed.” Obviously, this will get only worse when the kids is born. 

P.S. If some of these trash heaps want to comment: remember that I consider you subhuman by default. So maybe stay away.