Page 1 of a scholarly volume I’m beginning to read:

Diseases from Eurasia devastated the native population of America and Oceania. Syphilis moved from the New World to the Old. Europeans and their plants and animals invaded the Americas; the American potato, maize plant, and maniac spread throughout the New World. 

It’s funny how things going in one direction always devastate and invade. But the same kind of things going in the opposite direction innocuously move and spread. 

I have no idea why I was so shocked that Trump won. 

I Don’t Care

I don’t care to follow the news right now. All I will see is a replay of November 9. Democrats are getting clobbered on DeVos, on Sessions, on the SCOTUS pick. And as always, I’m sure they have fantastic excuses for all this losing. Not that I care to hear them again. 

We have a party of unhinged crazies and a party of pathetic losers. Of course, losers are more palatable than deranged maniacs. But as for mustering any enthusiasm for them, that’s beyond me.