A Good Beginning

Hey, folks, Flynn – aka Putin’s little tame poodle – has resigned. 

This is a start. 

Monday Link Encyclopedia 

The most disgusting creatures ever. Worse than insects. 

A great interview about Trump with the historian Timothy Snyder

Elon Musk is in favor of UBI. Got to keep those proles out of sight. 

In case you are still unaware, gender differences in cognition don’t exist

Republican Jason Chaffetz echoes his party’s leader, Putin

Justin Trudeau is so eager to please Trump that he spits all over the Charter of Rights. Seriously, check it out. It’s shocking. 

Who the ef cares if Kellyanne Conway is needy or not. I don’t give a hoot about her psychological issues or lack thereof. She’s a lying sack of useless shit, that’s all I need to know about her. 

Cakes with reflective frosting are all the rage in Russia. Beautiful!

Jill Stein is a right-wing tool

Crazy architectural plans for Mississauga. This can seriously mess with addicts’ heads. 

The opioid epidemic is destroying Ohio

P.S. One more link on the insects. That it should come to this. For shame, Americans. For shame. 

Canadian Identity

The reason why people in the service professions adore me is that I lived in Canada for several years. And in Canada, being rude or superior towards waiters and store attendants is considered the worst thing ever. I remember how back at the Commencement ceremony at McGill, the Dean gave a talk about what it means to be Canadian, and the gist of the talk was that acting as a dick towards people in service jobs made you a pariah in Canada. And it’s true, treating service stuff like they are not there or like they are beneath you is¬†simply not done.

The Buffet

Some of the guests yesterday did not believe that the food was from the local Indian buffet because the quality was massively superior to what they usually serve. The secret is that the people at the restaurant love me and went all out for me. They also adore Klara who’s been visiting since she was two months old. 

“Are you having people from your country or white people to your party?” asked the worker from the restaurant. 

Since everybody in my country is very white, I didn’t get the question. 

“It’s people from the university,” I said. 

“So white people,” he said. And explained, seeing my confused look, “Americans, I mean.”