The Russian Vogue

Russia is suddenly in vogue, and Rachel Maddow is doing a segment on Alexei Navalny. It’s complete junk, of course. She’s peeing herself with enthusiasm over a fellow who’s a neo-Nazi. Here is my old post about Navalny. I tried giving him every benefit of the doubt but he opens his mouth, and some racist shit pops out every single time. 

I’m sorry that the only choice in Russia is between a gauche, wooden-faced neo-Nazi and Putin. It stinks. But that’s the country that installed its puppet as our president right now. Take it from somebody who is more familiar with Russia’s political life than you are with the palm of your hand: there’s nothing hopeful, redeemable or positive there. There’s nothing but slime. 

And one more thing. Other places are complicated. You can’t figure them out from a quick googling session. You need experts, knowledgeable people. Or you’ll end up waxing enthusiastic for a fellow who likes doing the Nazi salute. 

Globalized Schmobalized

Top Trump team members were in constant contact with senior members of the Russian government and intelligence community during the presidential campaign. . . A “Dark Cloud of Russia” now hangs over the administration. Chilling. And this is real.

Well, duh. I’ve only said this since the summer of 2015. All one needed to do to figure it out was follow the Russian propaganda media for two seconds. 

This is supposed to be a globalized world. If I have known this for 18 months, how come everybody else in the US is just figuring this out? 

The Nuclear Briefcase 

There can be no action or event more symbolic of the demise of the nation-state than the President of the US letting a bunch of drunk jerks get photographed and Facebooked with the nuclear briefcase. 

But as long as people are entertained by the news of federal authorities hunting and deporting a bunch of waiters and lawn mowers, they will actually believe that this administration is all about strengthening and not dismantling the nation-state. 

It’s weird for me to see how easily people hate somebody who is poorer and more miserable than they are and how incapable they are of directing their anger against the rich and the bratty. I can’t muster any animosity against the illegal Carloses and Marias because hell, they are just trying to stay afloat any way they can. Legal, illegal – they are just a bunch of poor schmucks. 

But the rich fuckers footballing the nuclear briefcase between bouts of drunken laughter- the rage I feel against them is enormous.