Wiley Sucks

The nasty Wiley Agency is so greedy and disgusting that they want me to pay them  $200 for quoting one of their authors in my not-for-profit book of literary criticism. 

Shame on you, Wiley. You stink. 

The First Brick in a Junta Foundation 

N told me to write this post and suggested the title because he doesn’t support my actions. He says I’m about to turn this country into an autocracy. Me! A quiet, modest literature scholar. I have sown the seeds of corruption that will destroy the republic, he says. 

What caused all this outrage is that I bribed the teachers at Klara’s school. They kept saying that their birthdays were this week, so I gave them gift cards. They hadn’t seemed to be super into Klara before the gifts. I had sensed some resentment over having somebody so young in a group where everybody else walks and talks. But now they rush towards me, knocking the rest of the kids off their feet, the second I appear and look super psyched about Klara. 

N condemns me, though, because he’s anti-corruption.

Friday Link Encyclopedia 

There’s no need to ask about the relationship between Putin and any Russian oligarchs. They are all members of the same criminal gang. And I mean it in the most literal sense. 

The anti-refugee boulders in Paris are a mini wall a la Trump. Just like Marine LePen is a mini-Trump.

Gmail plug in that might help the especially gruff among us. 

The horrible things people do to babies

Does anybody understand why the Obamas need to make this weird public spectacle of their private lives? Or anybody, for that matter. Why not communicate these feelings privately, instead? 

With everything that’s going on, this idiot is still fixated on Halloween costumes? Unbelievable. 

Crammers. Sad but true. 

School vouchers help desegregate schools

How to learn a language. Great suggestions. 

Idiotic righteousness has infected movie reviews

Karen K has gone completely nuts: “So many readers and clients are wondering how to keep going under the turmpocalypse.  It’s hard.  Between protesting, writing emails, signing petitions, attending town halls, and sobbing in our beds, it’s quite difficult to get anything else done. Who has time to think, let alone publish?”

Death of Citizenship

A well-meaning but tragically dumb academic goes on and on about how citizenship evil and should be done with because it degrades human beings and brings nothing but death.

If one were to tell the facile idiot that she is servicing the most pressing needs of liquid capital, she’d just stare at one with her little dumb eyes and not get a clue.