My dedication to my profession is immense if I’m plowing through a book that uses words like “heteronormativity, whitenormativity (yes, it’s 1 word), and colonialnormativity (also 1 word)” in the same sentence. 

You might laugh but if good academics (me, for instance) don’t write good scholarship using meaningful language, that’s all we’ll have in lieu of scholarship. So I get to read this crap and produce an alternative. 

Trump’s Incredibly High Approval Ratings 

Turns out that all those stories about Trump’s low approval ratings are garbage. He has enormously low approval ratings among Democrats. With Republicans, on the other hand, his approval is a sky-high 87%. So in the eyes of the people he is supposed to try to please he’s doing fantastic. Even Putin has a lower approval rating, and that’s with a fully controlled media apparatus. 

Instead of the gleeful “Ha, Trump is so hated, that loser”, we should concentrate on why he is so enormously successful with his voters. 

Class Consciousness 

For a man who sometimes has trouble concentrating on policy memos, Mr. Trump was delighted to page through a book that offered him 17 window covering options.

Golf clubs, prawns at Jean Georges, and window covering options, whatever those are – this is what the ultra-rich are all about. Their only goal is to strip you bare so that they can increase the number of their window covering options from 17 to 47. And you can either say “yes, sir!” and drop trou, or finally wonder why their window coverings should be paid for by you.