Crazy in Russia 

Russians are building a replica of Berlin’s Reichstag building so that youth organizations can practice storming it. 

The Germans are appalled. 

Talking to a Trump Supporter

N dropped 2 little rubber bathtub toys into the toilet with predictable results. So I had to have the plumber out to wrestle the toys from out of there. The whole thing took 2 hours during which I found out a lot about the plumber’s life and his political beliefs. 

Of course, the 57-year-old self-employed plumber supports Trump. The reason why he supports Trump is that he (the plumber) hates Hitler. He believes that the crimes of Hitlerism have largely been forgotten, and that’s horrible. By refusing to provide military protection to European countries, Trump will force them to shape up and become vigilant. And as a result, they won’t miss the rise of a new Hitler. 

The plumber would also like to pay less taxes, of course. 

Real people – irrespective of who they vote for – are so much more interesting than the caricatures of them one reads about in the press. 

The Future of the Democrats

I just saw on TV this young fellow, a mayor from Indiana who is running for Chair of the DNC. He’s precisely what we need: young, energetic, competent at winning in a deep-red region, and saying the words people want to hear. “Democratic values, we are the party of families” – he’s at least trying to define a message other than “We are not as bad as Republicans.”

The interview with the interesting young mayor was cut short because there was an urgent need to put on the dumb freak Caitlin Jenner who is now upset with Trump after passionately supporting him two minutes earlier. And this is why I hate TV news. They put actual, serious politicians on the same plane with tabloid characters and then go, “What?? Trump won? Incredible . . .”