The fellow at the AT&T store was very flippant about the whole thing.

“What am I supposed to do until the new phone arrives?” I asked.

“Well, you just do without,” he said casually, as if he wouldn’t be howling at the moon within the first half hour if somebody told him he’s got to do without his phone.

“Oh, sure,” I said conversationally, trying to look like a person who can easily do without her phone for hours.

It’s all funny, of course, until I remember that I’ve got 5 meetings tomorrow. What am I supposed to do during those? Listen to what people say and gradually lose all faith in humanity?

Time Travel

My phone died. The screen is covered by inky stains from the inside. The AT&T people examined it and determined that it’s not anything that I did. Samsung sometimes has defective screens that get these inky blotches for no reason. But the phone is unusable.

The good news is that it’s still under warranty since I got it only last May. So I will be getting a free replacement. The bad news is that the replacement will not get here until the end of next week. I’m very glad that my agenda and my planner are of the paper variety because I would have been stranded without them.

The temporary loss of the phone will help me quit the My Farm game because I’ve been feeling like letting it go anyways. And I won’t have my news feed readily available throughout the week. Dear readers, please keep me informed if something happens in the world that is worth knowing.

I’m traveling back in the past, to a life without a smartphone. This feels like 1999 already.

On Hate Crime

Herected is just one quote from Against Citizenship:

Hate crime legislation covers up the state’s own violent acts against nonnormative peoples and bolsters the prison industrial complex. 

The author is a professor at the University of New Mexico. The book has been praised to the skies. 

Yes, I hate these freaks more than Trump supporters. Because they don’t have the right to be this ignorant and this self-involved. 

Samantha Power Defends a War Criminal

Am I dreaming or is it true that Samantha Power is defending the war criminal Churkin in the pages of the NYTimes? Nobody did more than this disgusting piece of human refuse to defend the culprits of the MH17 being shot down. Nobody did more to ensure that this horrible crime was forgotten. Nobody ridiculed the victims just as actively.

Power has the gall to call Churkin “one of the best hopes the United States and Russia had of working together.” Working together on what? I need to ask. On shooting down planes full of civilians? On concealing war crimes? Both countries have done all this beautifully without any help from each other.

This is why the Obama administration didn’t manage to propel a successor into the White House. All of this uncertainty about what the hell the administration was trying to do weakened it and made people tired of it.

The freak of Churkin is dead. What is the pressing need to fellate his corpse so actively in the press is a total mystery to me.