What Happened at Concordia?

Can anybody explain what it is that happened at Concordia yesterday? I missed everything. 


Legal vs Illegal

Bannon asked repeatedly, “Don’t we have a problem with legal immigration?”

“Twenty percent of this country is immigrants. Is that not the beating heart of this problem?” he said, meaning the problem of native-born Americans being unable to find jobs and rising wages.

And this is why the position of, “I’m a legal immigrant, so I’m superior to all those undocumented, illegal losers” (which is very popular in the Russian-speaking immigrant community, for instance) is dumb.

Keep telling yourself that everybody loves you since you did everything “by the rules”, you dumb fucks.

Rushed and Scrambled

Whenever I accidentally alight upon a news channel these days and hear the inescapable “Russia, Russians, Russian ties, the Russian connection, investigating the ties with Russia”, I immediately switch the channel. I’ve known all this for a year and a half, and it disgusts me beyond belief to see this ridiculous spectacle of “OMG, we are just finding out these shocking news!”

Obama admin scrambled to preserve evidence of meetings between Russian officials and Trump associates: NYT
Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking
This is nothing short of ridiculous. Why did they “scramble” and “rush” when all this was obvious for such a long time? Why was all this kept secret until so long after the election? All these news items do is make Obama look pathetic.
Enough rushing and scrambling already. Why wasn’t anybody analyzing information as it appeared? Look at how well Republicans blew up the emails hoax. And Democrats failed to use something like this? For so long?
Fuck them.