No Strategy 

The reason why so many Liberals are happy about the Rachael Maddow memo is that, once again, they have no idea what their strategy is supposed to be. All they have is the limited tactical goal of what they don’t want: the 7-countries Muslim ban should not stand. What they do want, however, is a mystery. 

As long as they are not even trying to formulate an affirmative statement of their own in response to “Everybody who wasn’t born here is a potential enemy,” they will lose on this issue. Deporting but pretending like you aren’t, which is what Obama did for 8 years, already gave us a rabidly anti-immigrant new president. How long can we afford not to have our own clear, practical and consistent agenda on immigration?


Letter to the President

From Klara’s daily daycare report:

Happy National Anthem Day! Today we listened to the anthem of our country, “The Star Spangled Banner.” We tried to say the word “anthem” while we listened to it! – Goals: Sings a new word , Tries to sing Pledge of Allegiance 

Motor skills

We pretended to write the President a letter! We each got our own crayons and paper and marked on the paper as if we were writing a letter. – Goals: Puts paper in an envelope , Uses writing or drawing tools with limited coordination

I wonder what they could have possibly put in that letter. 


Is Brill a respectable publishing house? Or is it one of those vanity presses?

I had an article accepted in an edited volume. But then the publishing house went bankrupt. The editors had it accepted at another publishing house. And then it went bankrupt. Now they have it accepted at Brill, and I’m worried our edited volume will destroy Brill, too.

TRMS’s Big Scoop

I don’t know why so many people are so excited about this “big scoop” of Rachel Maddow’s. All it means is that legal immigrants is in just much of a danger as the illegal ones irrespective of how long ago they came in. Yippee.

That report was seen as a blow to the Trump administration, which is hoping to put his travel ban on more solid footing with proof of risk from citizens of the seven countries.

It’s like people are soft in the heads. A blow? This report is a fucking gift.

We are surrounded by idiots.

No Crisis 

The municipal authorities in Madrid have been working hard to prevent a private van from sporting a sticker that says “Boys have penises.” It’s great to know that Spain’s economy has improved so dramatically that there is now money to be spent on rejecting the “hate-filled” message about boys’ penises.