Be There Soon

The student who was supposed to write a makeup test in my office on Friday at noon and who never showed up sent me an email 20 minutes ago saying, “Professor Clarissa, I’m parking! I’ll be there in 10 minutes!” 

From long experience, I know she’ll rank me low on the question of “Was the professor available to help you in her office?” at the end of the semester. 


Day 2 of Spring Break 

1. Went to the gym. Used their new jogging track.

2. Made lentil soup and turkey-rice meatballs (tefteli.)

3. Worked on the article, adding 355 words and cutting 270.

4. Prepared half of NeMLA talk (they want me to talk about the book, so the talk is mostly copy-paste.)

5. Reading: the Sunday NY Times, Dr. Thorne, and Jonathan Kellerman’s Heartbreak Hotel.

6. Uploaded course materials to Blackboard.

My Book Collection

I have so many books that sometimes I go through my collection and find something amazing that I had no idea was even there. “Oh, wow, I didn’t know I had this!” I exclaim. “I totally need to read this.” For instance, I just found a volume of Georges Simenon’s Maigret novels in Spanish. How cool is that?

And mind you, I accumulated this entire collection since August of 2009. I arrived here back then with no books at all and a single suitcase. I have a gift for attracting books especially the really old ones.

Douthat on Reparations 

Hey, folks, did you hear? Ross Douthat is now in favor of reparations. Yes, he’s all “reparations instead of affirmative action,” but whatever. The important thing is that the idea is gaining ground and even arch-conservatives like Douthat begin to recognize its validity. This is good news. 

Sunday Link Encyclopedia 

At Middlebury, spoiled rich brats protest against racism and sexism by assaulting a woman. 

Everything is a feminist issue. Except for actual feminist issues, of course. 

great post on “dangers of technology.”

Loved this post about a legendary latinist

Jobs are there. Skills are not

Why is it that one never reads an in-depth piece on Latin America like this one outside of a conservative website?

Muslims and Jews stand together in solidarity in St Louis.