Dreaming of Alaska

The best state for me to live is, obviously, Alaska. Find out what’s yours here.  


Day 3 of Spring Break 

1. Spent the day at home with Klara. Took Klara for a long walk.

2. Finished the NeMLA talk. 

3. Added 218 words to the article. 

4. Made spiced braised red cabbage. 

5. Washed and changed bedsheets.

6. Reading: Dr. Thorne and Heartbreak Hotel.

7. Failures: wanted to surprise N by doing the dishes but Klara was cranky, so it didn’t happen. I’ll do something double nice for him tomorrow instead. 

Let’s Choose Inconvenience 

People act so completely shocked by these stories about Canadian citizens being refused entrance into the US and foreign artists threatened with deportation if they accept money for performances not specified in the visa application that one might think this is something new and hasn’t been happening pretty much forever. 

This is not on Trump, folks. This is simply how it is. It’s either this or marching with the losers who carry “Open Borders” signs at airports. And inconvenience is better than idiocy any day of the week.


Hey, folks, guess what I got for myself. One of those Bluetooth earphones that you put in and it drones on as you go about your errands! I retain about 5% of the information it delivers to me but I’m yet to try it at a boring committee or meeting to drown out the inane stuff.

I really want to train myself to be able to listen to audiobooks. I used to read much more when I was on public transportation. It would be great to have a book recite itself into my ear as I drive.

Putin’s Suffering

A journalist is asking on the news whether Putin is upset over Trump’s Twitter outbursts.

Yes, I’m sure Putin is weeping quietly in the corner because it must be extremely painful for him to see the US look stupid, chaotic and out of control. I’m sure he’s swallowing anti-depressants by the mouthful whenever anything happens to make democracy look like a joke.