Hyperreal News

And this is precisely why it makes no sense to be offended by the people’s eagerness for fake news. You exported them to the virtual world of fantasy. You can’t expect them to live there but consume the news from your world, the world from which you ejected them.


Surplus People: Then and Now

In the past, surplus populations produced by modernization (and that’s what modernization always does, it creates surplus people) were exported to the colonies.

Today there are no more physical spaces where the unwanted people rejected by modernization can be dumped. So instead, they are exported into the virtual world of the Internet and the fantasy world of drug addiction.

Drugs and screens are today what Canada and Australia were in the 19th century.

The Problem with the EU

At the time when it was possible and necessary to resist liquid capital through not allowing it to shuffle large masses of desperate scabs around to break Labor, the EU did the opposite. It bent over backwards to help liquid capital destroy Labor. And now people can’t forgive it for doing that and don’t trust it. 

Today, only global measures can address globally generated problems. But the EU has lost people’s trust that it will do anything but assist liquid capital in its exploitation schemes. Can anybody really blame people for losing trust after being so massively betrayed? This is why I can’t blame the British people for Brexit. 

A Short History of Labor

The way Labor fought against an excessive exploitation by capital was through strikes. The workers would organize, make demands and walk out. The capitalists would bring in scabs- desperate people who’d agree to work in exploitative conditions- to break the strike. Workers would resist. The result was an improvement of labor conditions. Everybody knows that. 

Then the capital became liquid and went global. And so did this whole process I just described. This is why unions lost power. The capital doesn’t operate locally. It started using globally produced desperate workers to break the Labor’s power.

But then there is the third stage in this process: scabs have become not human. And that spells the ultimate defeat of Labor because you can’t effectively stop technological advances. 

The problem is that everybody who is looking for a solution is stuck in the first two stages. 

New Project: Citizenship 

So. Remember how I bugged you, folks, with the nation-state while writing the book? 

Well, after a short respite, prepare to be bugged again. 

I have a new project: citizenship. 

Hey, at least it’s something everybody can understand and discuss. Let’s all be happy I’m not into beta binomials. Because those suckers are crazy boring, believe me.