Klara is such a sweet, kind person. Last night, she woke up at 3 am and just wasn’t sleepy any more. Problem is, I was. I took her downstairs, put her in the pram, and tried to rock her to sleep. 

The poor, brave child made every effort to fall asleep or pretend she was sleeping for my sake. And then I stumbled on something in the dark and something fell to the ground. And that’s when Klara couldn’t help herself, and I heard a very bright, not at all sleepy “uh-oh!” coming from the pram.

I looked inside, and she was staring at me with what, I swear, was very much like embarrassment. It was as if she were saying, “I’m sorry, ma, I tried, but it’s not happening.”

So I took her out and we played in the living room until morning. 

She’s suffering a lot because of the teeth but she’s trying hard to be happy in the moments when the pain abates. And that makes it all much easier for me to deal with. 



At least, N really understands. He brought a huge bouquet of roses for me today. 

Tomorrow, he’s staying home with Klara, so I’ll owe him a bouquet. Or maybe a huge steak. Or both. 


To illustrate how harsh this is: I haven’t cooked anything in three days! N will have to eat pelmeni, like a typical Soviet bachelor when he gets home tonight. 

And the worst part is that the dang conference just has to be this week. I’m leaving on Thursday. I was so looking forward to the conference  (my close friend Ol.! Seafood! Romantic memories of Baltimore! CV clinic! Hotel gym! Red Emma’s!) but now I don’t want to go.