A Discovery 

OK, why the ef did nobody tell me I can stop giving formula already? It’s been a massive expense and I want to stop. 

Funny Obituary 

The NY TIMES always knows how to make one collapse with laughter: 

Yevgeny Yevtushenko, an internationally acclaimed poet with the charisma of an actor and the instincts of a politician whose defiant verse inspired a generation of young Russians in their fight against Stalinism during the Cold War, died on Saturday.

The fellow died, it’s sad. He was very talented. But “the fight against Stalinism” is too funny. Not only was there never any fight but Yevtushnko was a kid when Stalin was alive. He wasn’t likely to inspire anyone. Not that anybody was in search of such inspiration because Stalin was worshipped. 

Clichés are very dangerous. You get distracted for a moment, and a cliché pops out. 

Mini Link Encyclopedia 

Disappointment with Trump is growing among his supporters because he’s too liberal

This is the kind of insane crap people come up with when they want to writeabout Trump but have run out of things to say. 

The quality of American sperm is plummeting

This is the most disgusting, crazy story ever. It’s Brazil, what can you do. 

A Hunt on Gay Men

A hunt on gay men is underway in Russia. It started this week. Over a hundred gay men have already been jailed. At least three have been murdered by law enforcement. The hunt continues and is spurred on by a wave of social network posts and videos on how best to kill a gay person. 

This is happening in Chechnya, a part of the Russian Federation where child marriage, FGM, and other atrocities are legal thanks to Chechnya’s leader having a loving friendship with Putin. 

There’s nothing we can do but at least we can know that this is happening and not let these crimes be silenced.