A Peek at the News

Oh, wow, I did peek at the news and it looks like Mr. Isolationist just started a new war? Or, rather, ramped up an old one?

Back to Facebook; it’s more unpredictable over there. 

No Energy

I have so much to do – it’s the last month of the academic year – but I’ve run out of energy, so instead of hauling my ass to the office, I’m lying prostrate on the couch, staring dumbly at a Shark Tank rerun.

I’ll get up eventually because I’m teaching in an hour but the plan was to be at the office since 9. But I’d had a really bad night of sleep because I was dreaming of cleaning nasty public toilets. Serves me right for reading colleagues’ emails about finances late at night. They write shit, and I end up cleaning toilets in my sleep.


The Department of Homeland Security wants to present myself at noon tomorrow at their office to have my fingerprints taken. They will check the fingerprints against the FBI database.

This is weird because I already underwent this exact process at the exact same office when I applied for the green card 5 years ago. My criminal record could have changed, yes, but fingerprints remain the same, so why not just use the previous batch?

The notice I got informs me that if I try to reschedule, the immigration case will be set back by months. It is as if they wanted only the kind of immigrants who don’t have jobs to be able to apply.