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Bloody Conflicts

There are only 3 positions on bloody foreign comflicts:

1. Let’s try to solve the issue and bring peace at the risk of making the conflict worse. 

2. Let’s do nothing to resolve the conflict but shuffle the victims around the planet as refugees. 

3. Let’s do nothing to resolve the conflict and seal off the conflict area so that nobody can escape as a refugee. 

All positions are deeply flawed. Nobody has a moral high ground here, and it would be good if people were a bit more humble on an issue that is tragic and that has no solution right now. 

Facebookish Arguments 

If I see one more dense creature make the dumb point of “How can Trump say he cares about Syrian children if he’s against letting in Syrian refugees?”, I’ll kill my Facebook. 

Believing that shuffling people around the globe is not an ideal approach and that it might make more sense to solve the problem that makes them want to flee their homes is not an unreasonable position. The ways of solving that problem might be inadequate, bad, failing, etc. But the position itself is not insane. And since nobody even tried to articulate an alternative, there is zero use in trying to denounce it with such shallow, Facebookish arguments.